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Best 360 Degree Youtube Video List Selection Part 17


This is not a 360 degree video but a preview of an amazing achievement and highly anticipated 360 video project that took two years in the making! A new milestone in virtual mountaineering was celebrated this week, as the four Nepalese mountain guides Lakpa Sherpa and Pemba Rinji Sherpa and their supporters Kusang Sherpa and Ang Kaji Sherpa became the first men in the world to document the whole South route to the summit of Mount Everest with a 360° camera rig for Mammut’s #project360.

360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl

Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It’s a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. And finding grace in the unlikeliest of places.

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Every Super Mario Game Ever in 360

Super Mario is in the house! Mario takes you on a stroll throughout history to see every key Super Mario game that’s ever been released… so far.

360° Short Film “Sinking” made for Head-Mounted-Displays

Sinking by Maren Demand is VR Vision Award Finalist. A 360° virtual reality short film made for Head-Mounted-Displays. Sinking Seamlessly the observer can look around the created world – just like in real life – as two of his senses are taken over entirely by media. The short film has no linearity rather than a self-controlled view on an environment that can be seen differently each time.

Washington Post Presents Zambia, Gift of Mobility in 360º Degree Video

A unique glimpse into the perspective of someone who lacks adequate mobility, and the obstacles they endure trying to navigate rugged terrain. Shot from the perspective of people who live on the ground in Zambia, the story gives readers a look not only at the obstacles, but one solution that’s lifting people like Chilufya off the ground. Video by Sarah Hill and Story Up.

The Just Adam Mini Concert Expereince in Immersive 360 Music Video

Jaunt Presents Sir Paul McCartney ‘Coming Up [Pure McCartney VR]’

Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart | 360 VR Video | The New York Times

Set foot on an alien world, three billion miles from the warmth of the sun. On July 14, 2015, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped past Pluto, scanning the dwarf planet in unprecedented detail. Using data from that flyby, The New York Times created a seven-minute virtual reality film. Fly over Pluto’s rugged surface, stand among the icy al-Idrisi Mountains and touch down in frost-rimmed Elliot Crater. The film was produced in collaboration with the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Universities Space Research Association.

Doctors Without Borders – Syrians “have to survive having no rights” in Lebanon 360 Degree VR Video

In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, Syrian refugees are living in makeshift tent settlements under harsh conditions. Here, refugees have no legal rights and no right to work – leaving them largely dependent on humanitarian aid organizations. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is working in Lebanon to provide primary, maternity and psychosocial care to refugees facing extreme hardship.

Watch for more 360 videos from MSF coming soon in the lead-up to Forced From Home, a traveling exhibition starting in the U.S. this coming fall.

Solar Impulse assembles the Mobile Hangar in Moffett Airfield

Sink into the role of a Solar Impulse ground crew member in this 360 video while they inflate and assemble the mobile hangar in Dayton, Ohio to protect Si2. Plug in a pair of headphones, expand the screen, and become a part of the adventure.

Simple Guide on How To Watch and Interact W/ YouTube 360 Degree Video

From computer

YouTube supports playback of 360 videos from the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Safari is not supported.

From mobile and tablets

To watch and interact with YouTube 360 videos, be sure to you have updated your device with the latest version of the app. For viewing YouTube videos, you will want to copy the video title name. Then open the YouTube app, and paste into the search box.

For an immersive experience, you can watch 360 degree videos with Cardboard via the YouTube app. Once the 360 video is launched, simply click the Cardboard icon on the lower right corner and insert phone into the Cardboard.

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