bjork stonemilker 360 virtual video

Image Source: MoMa Ps1

Bjork Stonemilker Youtube 360 Video

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We did a report as below about Bjork’s Stonemilker Youtube 360 Video back in March, now it’s finally been released to public! You can enjoy the video with or without a headset! Simply drag and move the screen in any direction as you wish, enjoy!

Stonemilker: Bjork’s First 360 Degree VR Video

The legendary and iconic Iceland singer Bjork has always been a musical pioneer, her past music videos are always futuristic and ahead of its time. This time is no different; Bjork is stepping into the virtual reality game with her ambitious first ever virtual reality 360 degree video!

For her latest Vulnicura album, Bjork had already release music videos for “Lionsong”, “ Black Lake “ and a moving album cover for “ Family.”

For the track “Stonemilker”, which features a 30 pieces full orchestra, Bjork decided to do something that will provide a full immersive virtual sound and visual experience for her fans! Here is the unofficial video of Stonemilker in 2D, and other official video releases:


Bjork stonemilker 360 video moma ps1 vr

Image Source: MoMa Ps1

Bjork stated about the making of Stonemilker 360 video

quote new 1We discussed potential for intimacy and Andrew then suggested we take it to the beach where the song was written . it immediately rang true for me as that location has a beautiful 360 panoramic view which matches the cyclical fugue like movement in the song . if the song has a shape it is sort of like a circle that just goes on forever .

I had recorded the strings with a clip on mike on each instrument . we have made a different mix where we have fanned this in an intimate circle around the listener . so as you watch this in the virtual reality headset it will be as if you are on that beach and with the 30 players sitting in a circle tightly around you!new quote 2

The shot of the video took place at a beach of Grótta, Reykjavik, Iceland. For the making,, Bjork worked with director Andrew Huang, audio technician Chris Pike and creative producer James Merry. Andrew Huang who is also the director of Bjork’s music video installation at her New York MOMA Retrospective.

Director Andrew Huang On Bjork Stonemilker behind the scene

quote new 1Because of the all-seeing nature of this camera, my whole crew and I ducked behind boulders, leaving Bjork alone with the camera, not knowing what we would be ultimately capturing. All I remember is staring at the pearlescent purple seashells beneath my feet throughout the takes listening to her strings reverberating against the wet tidepool rocks, popping my head up occasionally to steal glances of Bjork in her duet with the quote 2

The 360 degree virtual video will be showing at MoMA PS1 Stonemilker Exhibition that runs from March 23–May 17, 2015 , where her amazing retrospective is showing, and Rough Trade Records in New York and London.

bjork vr video virtual reality

You will experience the video on an Oculus Rift headsets. At this time, Bjork hasn’t release any statement about public release of the 360 degree 3D video, but if you can’t make it to New York or London, a 2D version of Stonemilker will be available next week on Dazed and Digital.

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  1. smart move Bjork! thjs move will get her on every major music blog or website’s headline!

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  2. Nice post! Love Bjork new vids, the black lake video is sexy and cool!

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