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Black Friday Promos for Virtual Reality Equipment

Guest Blog from VR Bangers Team

Black Friday is right behind the corner, so if you were thinking about getting yourself an update in terms of virtual reality equipment, it is now or never.

Whether you are getting it for VR games or VR porn, this is the perfect timing to invest in a set of VR device for your upcoming Christmas holidays!

Last year was full of new releases and a lot of companies like Oculus, HTC, Samsung and many others have managed to come up with some new VR devices, so modern virtual reality headsets are only getting more and more cheap – and especially now, when the time of Christmas shopping madness has officially begun.

Below you can read about some of the most interesting (and valuable) discounts that we found among the VR hardware – if you have always had some issues with displaying our newest VR porn films in 6K ultra high definition, getting yourself one of these new goggles might solve your problem once and for all!

New Odyssey+ from Samsung discounted to just $300

vr headset sale

It has been only a while since we have told you about the latest Windows Mixed Reality VR goggles from Samsung called the Odyssey+. The device equipped with an AMOLED display with a resolution of 2880 x 1600/90 Hz (1440 × 1600 for each eye) and entirely new “Anti SDE AMOLED” technology has been released back in the day at the price of $500.

Now, for the time being of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo, it is available for almost half of the price, as you can get it from here for $300 only. Perhaps we are not releasing some 6K UHD MR porn movies just yet, but these top-notch goggles are simply perfect for VR porn in high definition as well, so getting them that cheap is a really great opportunity.

Vive Pro VR goggles cheaper then ever

vive htc

Vive Pro, the updated version of the original HTC Vive VR headset has been heavily discounted as well. Going directly to the official HTC website you can buy these VR goggles for just $1,200 for the Vive Pro Full Kit, which includes the Vive Pro headset, SteamVR Tracking 2.0 base stations, and 2.0 controllers. It is $200 cheaper from the original price, and even though the reduction is not as huge (in percentages) as the Samsung’s deal, it is still worth considering, isn’t it?

…and there’s more from HTC

Maybe this is not applicable to our VR porn films, yet the deal is the deal and why wouldn’t you tell you something about that, too? After going to the HTC’s official website (linked below), becoming the subscriber of the HTC Viveport service (including the free trial) will grant you the possibility of buying the following VR games: SUPERHOT VR, Accounting+ and The Wizards for $1 each, and all will also get you a $10 Viveport credit.

What’s more, new users will also be able to save 25% on a 6 month plan for Viveport Subscription, and 50% on a 12 month plan, and anyone signing up for any new plan will get a free copy of Fallout 4 VR. In mood for some VR games instead of 6K UHD VR porn tonight? We are happy that we could help you with that, then!

Will you participate in any of these promos? Or maybe you’re totally fine with the VR headset that you currently own and do not look for any new ones? Remember that VR Bangers’ VR porn films from our main page support a whole lot of different VR devices, so it is completely up to you which one them you are going to use!

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