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Blood & Truth VR Offers Immersive and Interactive Actions in Deep London Criminal World

Blood & Truth, a Sony Playstation VR blockbuster, it is a action packed VR shooter. The VR game is coined as the follow-up and greatly improved version of “The London Heist”, there is no surprise that both games are developed by the same studio, Sony’s London Studio. To us, Sony has delivered one of the most exciting and thrilling PSVR games to date.


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Story & Plot of Blood and Truth

Taking place in the nasty and glamorous London underworld, the main character Ryan Marks, who is a special force soldier who fights criminals and other secret agents to save his beloved ones.


You as Ryan will be total immersed in the virtual world as the first person, as the story unfolds, while you explore the deep London underground, you will get to experience different parts of London in details.

Game Play & The Immersive VR Experience

Essentially, you as the player is pretty much in an action film flick. As the son of international crime family, and whose father was killed by the rival gang who is trying to take over the business and territory.

There is a lot of shootings involved, as well as plenty of narratives that maps out the storyline and scripts, which adds more flavor and depth to the game, rather than just shoot for 5 or 7 hours, which is the approximate playtime the game is designed for from start to finish. To us, Blood and Truth is authentic VR shooting game and also a cinematic VR title.



Sony’s London Studio has done a great job capturing the essence of London in fascinating details. From the London’s tubes, to old town’s streets, the gloomy London seems to be lost in time… And we must mention that the facial expression and animations of the characters in the game are stunning, it really made us feel like we are watching a ganger movie while playing and being in it at the same time. Not to mention Blood and Truth also has a orchestrated Soundtrack that reminds us the Soundtrack of Pulp Fiction.

Blood & Truth offers interactive combats with smooth and steady movements in great details. You get to experience tons of shoot out as you track down the mafia of the London underground crime scene, and with your VR hand controller, you get to flip a switch, full-on car chase in London streets, pick up objects, open locks and doors, you get to climb stairs and pull yourself up and do all kinds of stuff as if you are really in the virtual world.

Gun handling and shooting feels realistic with nice sound effects, this is VR, so you handle your handgun or the weapon of your choice with PSVR’s Move controller while you are on a headset. So it took us awhile to actually get used to the feelings of holding a virtual weapon, which in actuality, I am holding two VR controllers. Once we got used to it, it’s on! We shot like there is no tomorrow. We loved it!


Blood & Truth is truly impressed, PSVR has came a long way delivering this epic and truly interactive, immersive VR title. It is one of the best shooting or action VR game out there today. Just for it’s attention to details in it’s graphic, visual and it’s captive narratives, it is worth checking out.

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