BluAtomVR Announces World’s 1st Immersive Wireless VR Vest and VR Gun Controller

BluAtom, Inc. has developed the next generation accessory for VR gaming, and commercial applications featuring the first immersive wireless VR body motion-tracking system. The BluAtomVR system, which comes equipped with a haptic vest, gun controller and network hub, can both detect and enhance your movements, for a more immersive and engaging VR gaming experience. This system effectively turns any player’s body into a game controller without the need of a VR treadmill or fixed environment.

BluAtomVR’s body-tracking vest and hand-motion gun controller create a much richer interaction than any of the VR gaming accessories currently available. The wireless enabled system allows for complete freedom of player’s movement. The lightweight vest is designed with both form and function in mind, boasting a sleek, cool aesthetic made from lightweight, breathable materials.

BluAtom VR Next Gen
BluAtom VR Next Gen
First immersive wireless VR body motion-tracking system
First immersive wireless VR body motion-tracking system
The BluAtomVR System is compatible with major VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift™, Sony Playstation® VR, and HTC VIVE™. No special device driver is required; the system can be used with PC FPS games or FPS games on the Steam video game platform.

The total VR Market is expected to exceed $40B within the next five years, offering a lucrative space for BluAtom to rapidly expand its VR accessories for gaming and commercial applications such as theme parks, VR Arcades, shopping malls, gaming centers and U.S. military training.

BluAtom builds on the VR experience by integrating the user’s body movements into the game.

“Our Virtual Reality Motion Control System provides the gamer with a more organic, intuitive gameplay,” said Steve Kearsley, CEO of BluAtom. “With our system, you can let your body create the movements within the game.”

The BluAtomVR system is now available exclusively through Kickstarter.

About BluAtom

BluAtom is located in Orange County, California. The BluAtom team is committed to building the next generation of wearable motion controllers for VR games, experiences and commercial applications. The multi-faceted team brings together exceptional engineers, Industrial designers, artists, user experience designers, game developers, scientists and marketing professionals. The BluAtom team lives at the intersection of hard science and cutting edge design.

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