“Boldly Go Where No Men Can Go Before.” – Hong Kong Schools are Expected to Provide Educational VR Contents to Students

“Boldly go where no men can go before.” Only until recently, it was unimaginable that a student can experience the thrill and danger at the peak of Mont Blanc in Italy, visit a Van Gogh museum in Paris and arrive in JFK International Airport in New York City, all in the time of only one morning class session. Thanks to VR Educate’s proprietary VR Room and 21-category Content Platform, it is now possible that a class of students can experience all, altogether, along with their teacher, in the safety and comfort of a classroom. The teacher can also lead a discussion to enhance the learning experience afterwards.

Virtual Reality is emerging as one of the most rapidly adopted technologies worldwide. With this new technology reaching mainstream audiences, there will be numerous industries undergoing significant transformations, from travel and gaming to simulated training and learning. VR becomes the driving trend towards adoption of head-mounted-devices is a must in future. The potential and boundless vista of VR is unlimited and limitless.

VR Educate Ltd., an industry first mover in immersive virtual reality learning, is championing the introduction of VR learning in classrooms across Asia. VR Educate Ltd provides a “Total VR Solution” to students through its proprietary VR Room, VR Lab and VR Content Platform for schools. Totally immersive VR experience promises to encourage open imagination, self-motivation and out-of-the-box thinking amongst students. As Hong Kong has always been early adopters of new technologies, VR Educate expects 10% of Hong Kong secondary schools (about 50) will be providing educational VR contents to students in the next six months.

VR Educate, led by Ms. Lanny Huang (Founder and CEO) and Mr. Ko Ping Yeung (COO) is dedicated to bringing VR learning to all students. Based in Hong Kong, VR Educate also operates in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam.

Ms. Lanny Huang states that, “Time and again, it’s been said that if one doesn’t master new technology, one becomes its slave, and we believe students in Asia should not be left behind. VR Educate is encouraging schools and educational institutions to lead the way in VR learning. We are here to help, from classroom design to hardware and VR content to teaching aids, we will provide the best available VR teaching package for schools and institutions willing to be at the forefront of the industry. ”

Mr. Ko Ping Yeung pointed out that, “Combined with standard education techniques, VR has been shown to promote faster and more effective learning. Our VR Room will be content-ready and our platform will continuously provide the latest in international educational experiences.”

VR Educate has established two advisory groups to facilitate its offering, providing the latest cutting edge VR learning experience to schools:

i. The VR Educate Consultative Group (VR ECG) is chaired by Mr. Erwin Huang, and member Mr. Alan Lawrence Sitomer ,USA California Teacher of the Year Award Winner. Mr. Erwin Huang is a pioneer devoted to incorporating technology into education and is currently the Chairperson of the Hong Kong E-learning Consortium. As a visionary and entrepreneur, he is a great believer of how technology can enhance learning: “In order to maintain VR as a school-friendly technology, regular reviews and meetings will be held on contents, learning materials and teaching aids for each VR experience, so that students will benefit most from this innovative technology.”

ii The VR Educate International Content Consortium is collaborated by VR content experts from around the world, including Virtual Content Group (VCG) from Australia, France and Germany; EyeQVR from the USA and Nineplanners from Korea. This team of global specialist VR content professionals will ensure an active supply of the latest and best VR materials to schools and students in Asia. To facilitate a wide variety of disciplines available for selection by teachers, VR Educate’s Content Platform is categorized under 21 genres:


Art in VR Extreme Sports in VR History in VR
Landmarks in VR Literature in VR Nature in VR
Science in VR Social Issues in VR Space in VR
Sports in VR Technology in VR Underwater World in VR
Festivals in VR Universities in VR Airports in VR
Parks in VR World Restaurants in VR Theme Parks in VR
Corporate Offices in VR Museums in VR Environmental Issues in VR

With a library-like database of immersive VR content, this new technology is itself not only a learning aid but also a tool to instill motivation in learning and innovation through immersive experience.


For seamless delivery of its content platform, VR Educate has partnered with Goffog Company Limited, a leading next-generation Cloud + Fog OTT multimedia streaming solutions company with clients such as China Mobile Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jockey Club and Mei Ah. Its technology, Streamphony, is rooted at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and based on a patent and won the Best SME ICT ( Cloud Solution ) Gold Award by Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014.

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