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Porn Star Brandi Love Escaped From a Prison Through Virtual Reality!

There has been a lot different xxx movies about having sex in the prison cell while screwing your obedient prisoner as a dominant prison guard or, on the contrary, making an always-horny female prison guard satisfied to perhaps make her loosen her guard and be able to escape in the future – yet VR Bangers, one of the most popular VR porn scenes’ makers, have just introduced a truly different scenario about fucking a hot girl in an orange prison clothing, and not just any lady but a super-hot blonde Brandi Love.

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Brandi is one of the bustiest adult models being professional VR porn stars and virtual reality porn videos made with her are usually dedicated to all fans of huge boobs – and this brand new VR porn movie called Prison Break is no different than that. In the Prison Break VR porn scene fantasy – and for the needs of this VR sex scene – you will become a husband of Mrs. Love being surprised by her appearance in your shared house.

The girl could not stand any minute longer without you and your huge cock and she has decided to escape the prison to get back to you and your dick as soon as possible – and now you two only have a limited amount of time before cops will catch up with her position and make her go back to the prison. Even though this is a VR porn fantasy created to come up to your deepest hidden sexual dreams, it sounds a little bit too good to be true, right? Yeah, exactly…

In the Prison Break VR porn video it will turn out that Brandi is cooperating with the police and that she is actually wired to make you testify in front of her – and that is why she came up with this sexual related story to make you drop your guard a little bit and accidentally confess that you have actually framed her back in the day and that you are the one who should be imprisoned. To get all these testimonials out of you, Brandi will have to be extremely convincing – so make sure to wear your VR headset really tight, as the girl will be forced to fuck your brains out to make you speak and she is extremely determined to do whatever it takes to make her secret plan work out.

“Fucking your wife who has just escaped from the prison might be a huge turn on,” admits Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “I really like the idea behind this VR porn movie and I am super satisfied with Brandi’s performance – this blonde VR porn goddess is a born actress and we always ask her to star in our biggest VR porn productions with most difficult plots and biggest amount of acting.”

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