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Bring Fantasies to Reality with the PVR IRIS

It’s not often that you see a product come to market that will truly change the landscape and break down barriers, but that’s exactly what the PVR IRIS brings with its new virtual reality headset.

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The device is a brand new innovation coming out of Hong Kong-based PVR, with the idea of producing one of the lightest VR headsets on the market, while still keeping a high quality resolution and a long-lasting battery life, all in a standalone unit without the need of a smartphone. The team at PVR has truly achieved this and more with the PVR IRIS.

The IRIS runs at a 2560*1440 resolution and has a battery life of up to three hours. This already puts it above and beyond some of the other VR devices on the market. Coupled with that, it has a 6K 60Mbps H.265 video decoding capability which allows it to use far less bandwidth than other VR devices.

With its Fresnel optical system, you’ll be able to use the device for longer because it prevents you from becoming dizzy or disoriented. This is thanks to the hardware anti-dispersion and anti-distortion which improves the immersion when used. All of this comes in a neatly packaged device that weighs less than 300 grams, making it a true All-in-One HMD (head mounted device).

Not only are technological advances being made in the actual headset itself, but the PVR IRIS also delves into the world of blockchain to bring you high quality VR content. Due to the decentralization that is blockchain technology in a nutshell, users will be able to process and search for content at a faster rate which also provides security and anonymity, something which many users will crave.

Users who are involved in the Indiegogo campaign will be the first to enjoy the subscription service that PVR offers which comes free of charge for two years with every backer purchase. PVR’s large content library will be on offer which features full-length copyrighted videos.

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