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Bulgarian Game Studio Waphoo JSC implement Google Cardboard Virtual Reality in their 3D MMO Edutainment Platform for Kids!

Waphoo JSC is a start-up company enthusiastically working on a highly ambitious project bringing added value to the way kids interact online. Enfantasia is an innovative 3D next-gen Edutainment World for kids going to implement Google Cardboard Virtual Reality.

It is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) mobile adventure platform, helping kids( 6-11 years) tease their brains and develop logical skills while having fun in a safe and protected environment. The platform is developed supported by a recognized education center in Bulgaria and tailored to fit kids’ and parents’ needs. The 3D world includes fields such as: Math, Music, Healthy eating, Anti-pollution habits, Intuitive Foreign Language learning.


A revolutionary way the kids communicate online, take part in real life situations and learn how to handle them. Kids develop logical thinking, get used to being a part of community and easily socialize while having fun and making new interesting friends in a safe environment.

  • Edutainment – features mini-games from a various genres with content that is designed both to educate and entertain in a very engaging way.
  • Social – kids can socialize in a completely safe environment.
  • 3D World and Characters – immerse yourself into the beautiful world of Enfantasia.


Companies like Disney, for example, have built similar products in the past (Club Penguin), but their biggest mistake was that they didn’t take advantage of the mobile revolution. That’s actually where we have the most experience and believe that it will set us apart from the competition. Waphoo is really a very unique platform in the Mobile space and the first Kids MMO to actually be published across iOS & Android.


-Safety first. Here kids will have their own little world where they can chat safely and have fun without any worries.

-Kids can play and have fun. For many of our little friends this world will be their first experience being a part of community. It will be a place where kids can socialize and make new friends.

-The educational aspect of the platform is what makes difference and adds value!

-Implementation of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality


Pilot mini-game, part of the platform: Math Burger available both on Apple Store and Google Play.

Second mini game- Tap-Tap Dance available for Google Play.

Tap-Tap Dance movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqJBz5G7bwQ

Math Burger movie:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx_66VswLrE


The project is funded with own capital by far but in the scope of future developments Waphoo is looking for investors!


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