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Byond Launching 360/AR/VR Publishing Platform without Coding Skill Requirement

“Utilizing the Byond Immersive Suite, companies can effortlessly create, upload, and publish engaging Augmented and Virtual Reality content in minutes with no coding skills required.”

Byond which provides an AR, VR and 360 experiences publishing and CMS platform for brands and media companies like McCann, Coca- Cola, Samsung, HP and Turner, is officially launching its Byond Immersive Suite, in an open beta release. This launch comes after 2 years of development and 6 months of closed beta testing.

Today, creating immersive media solutions for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality requires a unique skillset. In most cases, brands and agencies must employ studios to develop their VR and AR applications, which can lead to long, tedious and costly ad-hoc processes. Additionally, the AR and VR industry is fragmented by dozens of devices such as Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, as well as cardboard and mobile devices, each with their own protocol.

The power of the Byond Immersive Suite, is that it allows companies to effortlessly create, upload, and publish engaging Augmented and Virtual Reality content in minutes with no coding skills required. Additionally, much like building a website, Byond has made the process of creating fully branded AR, VR and 360 content in the Media & Entertainment space cost-effective and efficient, as it allows creators to dynamically create once and publish across all of today’s leading AR and VR platforms.

As part of the Immersive Suite, Byond has created solutions tailored to specific verticals such as consumer engagement for brands, media consumption for publishers, virtual store builder for ecommerce businesses, as well as immersive VR and AR tools for learning, training and development.

“Byond offers a platform as a service to empower brands and agencies to create their own personalized interactive and immersive experiences.” As noted by Eran Galil, Founder and CTO of Byond: “By using the Byond Immersive Suite, we significantly reduce the complexity of creating, publishing and analyzing new media applications, across all multiple display and interaction devices.”

Byond’s initial closed beta phased reached an impressive 300,000 viewers and over 2 million immersive interactions across a wide array of industries and platforms. With the release of Byond’s open beta phase, the company plans on scaling up the usage of their immersive reality content creation platform.

“While working with Byond as part of ‘The Bridge by the Coca-Cola’ Innovation Program, I found Byond’s platform to be both fast and reliable,” shared Alan Boehme, Former CTO at The Coca-Cola Company. “The work of the technical and creative teams allows Byond to release great VR products and advanced capabilities, all in a reasonable time-frame and budget.”

Byond is now inviting businesses in the travel, media, and entertainment industries to create their first immersive experience and publish it using their Immersive Suite by visiting byondxr.com


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