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Camasutra Industries Launching AR Adult App for iOS and Android Devices

Camasutra Industries, a leader in VR adult entertainment technology, is set to launch a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

“With this new app, viewers are able to interact with several different adult stars and place them in various locations based on where you point your camera,” said Adam Sutra, Camasutra VR’s founding partner and CEO.

“Users can overlay our lifelike computer-generated images right through their camera lens for an unparalleled virtual experience that feels unbelievably real.”

Sutra adds that this new adults-only AR experience “is a teaser to see how these experiences run on a mobile. they are a lot of fun to play with and there is an option to make your own films.”

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The app’s launch signals a massive step forward for the company, which will provide users with an eye-popping preview of what’s to come from Camasutra Industries.

The app can be downloaded at Watch the video ( must be 18+, this is NSFW) here:

Alternatively, visit where you can download the app, watch Camasutra’s videos and check out other AR porn content!

Learn more about Camasutra Industries at For more information, For more information, please contact CMO Vanessa Boutwell


Camasutra VR was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA by four individuals whose extensive collective experience in VFX, advertising, computer science and gaming have produced award-winning adult content for an international clientele.

This experience has given the Camasutra team the opportunity to introduce their unique brand of technology and creativity, in its pursuit of elevating the boundaries of pleasure and entertainment in the virtual universe.

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