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Can VR Adult Content Enhance Your Love Making?

Researchers from Newcastle University warned about VR adult film’s potential negative impact on society, but on the other hand, they also stated that VR adult film also has a potential to enhance lovers’ sex life in reality.

Dr Madline Balaam from Newcastle University, who co-conducted a 45 volunteers research, where they were shown VR porn movie on a headset, and were asked to record their feedback. According to Dr. Madline Balaam, some volunteers express interesting feedback about VR porn enhanced their sex life!

“Some wrote stories about being caught using VR in their own lives. But instead of getting angry, their partner agreed to explore sexual fantasies played out on screen. Then they had an amazing sex life together. So this technology could also be used to improve your sex life.”


“I think it is a more first person rather than a third person experience. The sensory experience through this technology means you think you are playing a role in it, rather than watching it.


“I think people were writing these accounts, to attune technology to create their fictional desires, so the character looks exactly what you want them to look like and does exactly what you want them to do. It is the ultimate for users in that sense.”

Researcher Matthew Wood went on to add:

“We found that for most people the potential of a VR porn experience opened the doors to an apparently perfect sexual experience – a scenario which in the real world no-one could live up to.

In 2016, adult studio BadoinkVR collaborated with sex toy (teledildonic) maker Kiiroo and launched Virtual Sexology, that is a mixed of adult entertainment and sex education. The program is guided by licensed sex therapist. Virtual Sexology aimed to use VR tech to educate people, and make them better lovers in bed. Where viewers will learn relaxation, control techniques for love making, with an emphasis on education and therapy.



According to Todd Glider, CEO of BadoinkVR:

“Virtual Sexology promises to make you a better, more attentive lover,” with “valuable techniques to increase stamina and refine lovemaking skills. Just another form of entertainment. At the same time, many people deal with the same sexual problems that Masters and Johnson discovered back in the 1960s. Virtual reality opens a private door into a very modern solution to a very old problem: how to have better sex. This first sex therapy video has techniques for both men and women, but we do want to switch around to a female perspective so she sees her body and takes advantage of VR.”

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