Capability in 360 Degrees. Get the Latest Angle on the FIAT 500X

As a social extension of the advertising campaign, the FIAT brand is releasing “A Whole New Spin” an immersive 360 video that demonstrates the advanced all-wheel-drive system of the Fiat 500X crossover. The video, under one minute in length, allows the viewer to follow the Fiat 500X through four unique environments: beach, forest, city and snow. What makes this execution so innovative, is the creative execution of having the same vehicle drive around the viewer, through four diverse environments, seamlessly traversing each quadrant. This allows the viewer to follow the vehicle as it moves from one setting to the next, while surveying each environment above and below the space in which the 500X travels.

The video was shot on the Nokia OZO and the social AOR for the brand, Society, and production company, Rodeo Show, took great care to ensure the movement of the Fiat 500X crossover from one quadrant to the next was perfectly aligned in its drive path, so that the vehicle seamlessly exited and entered each scene. On set, the position of the sun in each environment was matched to add to the visual continuity as the vehicle moves from quadrant to quadrant, creating a surreal, enveloping vignette that surrounds the viewer. In addition, for viewers on mobile, the sound design is triggered by the direction in which the viewer is facing, providing accurate spatial audio, based on the scene the viewer is facing.

The video is live and can be viewed on the brand’s Facebook page HERE.

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