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Carvaka Presents Getting Started with VR Infographic

We’re all obsessed with virtual reality but to the wider public, virtual reality can seem like something that’s out of their reach both in terms of cost and ease of use. Of course, that is entirely wrong seeing as once you have a smartphone, there’s a high likelihood that you have instantaneous access to virtual reality. There’s likely a wide misconception too that VR is mostly common in the gaming world and while it’s brought gaming to a whole new level, VR has found its way since it was first developed back in the 1960s (yes that far back!). Industries like construction, architecture, the adult industry, retail, tourism and many more are now utilizing the amazing potential that VR can deliver for users. The guys at Carvaka have put together this handy infographic which really breaks things down to include a step-by-step guide on getting started on your road to an immersive virtual reality experience. It lists all the smartphones that are VR enabled so you can easily check if yours fits the bill; it details some headsets you can think about investing in if you want to up your VR game from just your smartphone and it also highlights some VR apps to get you started too! Check it out below.


Getting Started With VR

Author: VR Reporter

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