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Casino VR: A Virtual Reality Casino Platform

Casino VR is a St. Gallen, Switzerland based startup, founded in 2014. Casino VR is a multiplayer Virtual Reality casino platform that aims brings a full venue with poker, blackjack, slots, and other casino games to virtual reality gaming. Here is the link for the official website:

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Casino VR was conceptualized with the partnership between QBXNet, a venture builder and Marco Kobelt an entrepreneur & poker enthusiast.


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Players are able to play their favorite casino game, chat and interact with other players, while being served with virtual drinks. Just imagine playing Pokerist in the virtual world with VR headset.


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We used to be a fan of online and mobile poker games, but we stopped playing and abandoned our accounts years ago, because it doesn’t really feel like being in a Casino, so why not just go to Las Vegas?

Casino VR is aiming to solve that problem by putting players in a fully immersed VR casino experience. An early adopter version has been showcased last week at SoCalVR Conference & EXPO in Irvine and VR Demo Day in Mountain View, California.


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Casino VR Early Adopter Version


  • A playable alpha prototype that operates as a real-time multiplayer based on an MMO server infrastructure
  • No limit Texas Hold’em Poker implemented and running
  • An immersive fully modeled casino environment
  • An intuitive user interface to make playing poker as seamless as possible
  • A real time multiplayer with Texas Hold’em poker game
  • Real avatar and casino environment
  • Immersive and intuitive user interface to enjoy the game


Casino VR’s Plan for the Next Two Months


  • Planning to launch an early adopters release for PC Oculus to the public by the end of August, 2015
  • The release will have a multiplayer poker game
  • The release will have a new and improved high end environment
  • The release will feature weekly poker tournaments
  • Will try to get VoIP integration done by that time so people can chat with each other, if not the update will soon follow
  • Gear VR version will soon follow
  • People on mobile can play with people on PC
  • Additional casino games
  • Different casino environments and more avatars
  • Gesture recognition and chat & voice functions


We are looking forward to play the full consumer version in the future, and we wonder if the Casino VR team has plans to incorporate a online currency payment system, so we can play for real money, instead of gaming points!


Content & Image Source: Casino VR, Twitter

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