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Cerevrum Offers Learning While Playing 3D VR Experience

Cerevrum is a VR startup founded in April 2015 by a team of neuroscientists and experienced game developers. Cerevrum makes unique VR games, games that are focusing on improving user’s cognitive ability and intelligence, while having fun!


Learning without having fun was exactly why I struggled throughout my High School and College years… But I did extremely well in classes that were fun and entertaining to me. This concept alone has the potential to develop into something that could revolutionize our learning process, could make cognitive learning, knowledge/ skill absorption, and comprehension process more effective and efficient!


Meet The Cerevrum Team & Founders

aldis sipolins cerevrum co founder phd

natasha floksy co founder

patrick watson co founder


Conventional Cognitive Training VS 3D Immersive Cognitive Training

Conventional cognitive training games are nothing new, however, Cerevrum’s VR gaming approach greatly differs from convention cognitive learning by offering users to learn inside a fully immersive 3D virtual reality environment.


Conventional learning method such as watching training DVD, reading text book, or browsing on computer all falls into 2D learning, because these 2D learning experiences are in fact different than human’s actual, real life and real world experiences that are 3D. After all, that is how we live and experience the world. Human cognition needs to take an extra step to convert the information and knowledge.


Cognitive neuroscience researches have proven that conventional cognitive training can’t make that critical step. Immersive 3D virtual environments allow users to solve problems and improve cognitive abilities in a more direct natural way.


Cerevrum Spaceship: Cognitive Training & Learning In 3D Virtual Reality

Cerevrum sees gaming as the viable solution! The first game title “Spaceship” uses machine intelligence to analyze player performance in real-time. Machine learning algorithms continuously identify patterns in player behavior, using these patterns to adapt difficulty to each player and identify different cognitive abilities.


Every time when the users play, the gaming process helps to shape the machine intelligence. As you play, you make the machine intelligence smarter, which helps it make you smarter! With Cerevrum’s games, users can truly learn and train while enjoying the VR gaming experiences, it’s like shooting two birds with one stone woo hoo!


vr headsets for cerevrum spaceship

Cerevrum supports nearly all popular VR headsets!


Cerevrum Spaceship demo put user in the Nexus, which is the headquarter. Floating above is a 3D visualized cognitive cloud that projects your cognitive abilities that derives its structure from machine learning algorithms.


While inside the Spaceship, your mission is to destroy squadrons of enemy drones using weapons with integrated cognitive demands. Each weapon is unique and relies on different cognitive abilities. Pew Pew, for example, requires you to use working memory to remember and update a series of colored shapes.


If you remember correctly, your shots will hit. If you forget, your shots will miss. The weapons constantly adapt to your performance, becoming more cognitively demanding as you improve.


cerevrum tweet oigc

Cerevrum swag table with all kinds of goodie for visitors to grab on! From Cerevrum Tweet @ OIGC

Cerevrum Spaceship Soundtrack Evolves & Changes With User’s Gameplay Performances

That’s not all, Cerevrum has taken extra step to make the gaming experience even more entertaining and customized! Cerevrum’s gameplay soundtrack has incorporated unique algorithm that is alive and will continuously change according to user’s performance!


The algorithm is developed by game industry music veterans Jim Guthrie (composer of the soundtracks for Sword & Sworcery and Indie Game: The Movie ) and ShawHan Liem (music engineprogrammer for PSN indie hit Sound Shapes ) are teaming up to create songs that will sound different every time.


Learning and training don’t have to be boring and painful. We all probably have been through numerous dead boring classes, seminars, and training camps. Only if we had such technology back then, I wouldn’t be yawning and pretended I was listening… Only if…


Image & Content Source: Cerevrum & Twitter

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