Circuit Stream and Unity Partners to Offer AR/VR Courses

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Circuit Stream and Unity Technologies have collaborated to create new content and courses that allow professionals to demonstrate, verify, and learn real-world 3D skills.

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Unity’s Associate Programmer & Associate Artist Certifications

These certifications validate your knowledge of Unity and allow you to obtain your first job in 3D real-time.

Unity is the leading platform for interactive experiences. It is used to create more than 65% of the 3D content as well as mobile apps globally. In a quest to look for a partner to support its certification and training program, the company recognized the high quality of instruction Circuit Stream’s workshops and its commitment to learning through its popular AR/VR courses.

Circuit Stream is a leader in virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality education. Over 40,000 people have been trained by the company in the processes and workflows required to build AR/VR (XR) applications.

This new partnership with Unity will allow Circuit Stream to offer XR development with Unity, and XR Design course. These two courses will prepare students for Unity’s Associate Programer and Artist certifications.

These courses are designed to provide an overview of Unity for anyone looking for a new career, new skills, or side projects. The certification badges are a mark of competence in the foundational Unity concepts, which will help professionals start their journey to a career with Unity.

The Rise of AR/VR, and Real-Time 3D

The AR/VR hardware market is growing. Unity game engine is the driving force behind a significant amounts of the software and content that supports AR/VR. This market is growing rapidly, and Unity is in a strong position. Unity powers immersive technology and more than half of all games on mobile, PC, consoles, and currently runs on 1.5 billion devices.

Due to the pandemic, global gaming revenue grew 20 percent YoY and surpassed $180B by 2020. The demand for developers of innovative 3D applications in real-time will grow over the next few years, with new consoles being released and enterprise-level real-time 3D becoming more common. Unity aims to generate at least 80,000 new jobs by 2023.

Unity Skills

Real-time 3D talent is not just needed in the AR/VR or gaming industries. There are many industries that professionals can work in, including some we have listed below.

  • Entertainment – Unity accelerates traditional workflows to allow artists, producers and directors greater creative freedom and quicker feedback. Unity is already used to create virtual films, TV commercials and animations at some of the most prestigious studios in the world.
  • Automotive Industry – Unity helps developers create autonomous vehicle training simulations, improve safety and workflow, and boost marketing and sales efforts. Audi’s car configurator shows one example of Unity’s platform being utilized in the automotive, transport and manufacturing industries.
  • Architecture & Construction – Unity can render renderings of buildings in order to create new building designs. It allows you to interact and visualize a virtual model of a project before it is actually built. Construction companies such as Mortenson use real-time 3D to improve designs, speed up construction, and reduce costs.

A study by Burning Glass showed that the demand for 3D skills in real-time has increased 601% faster than overall market growth.

Circuit Stream’s new certification programs will help people to take advantage of the increasing demand for real-time 3D roles.

What is included in the certification programs?

Jerry Medeiros is the leader in curriculum development at Circuit Stream. Jerry has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is a Unity Certified Expert. He is also a Unity Certified Instructor and Circuit Stream’s Head for Education.

Jerry explained that certifications are a sign that someone has valid and up-to-date knowledge in the field. This industry is highly competitive and rapidly changing. Professionals must continue to learn new skills in order to stand out from the rest. The project-based approach that they offer will benefit professionals, students, and hobbyists.

Circuit Stream has combined these certifications with its XR Design and Development courses to create pathways that combine Unity skills with industry-recognized credentials.

These are the results you can expect from completing the courses.

Certified Associate: Programmer

Completion of three application projects are required to earn the programmer certification. Each project teaches prominent Unity development skills.

  • Mobile Database App – This project will teach you the basics of C# scripting and how to create a mobile user interface (UI).
  • First Person Desktop Game This game will help you understand the basics of Unity’s input handling and physics.
  • Manufacturing Simulator – This program guides you through the foundational knowledge to develop with Unity.

Certified Associate: Artist

Completion of three projects are required to earn the artist certification, with each project covers the core Unity skills required to create 2D and 3-D graphics.

  • Creating 3D Environment This project covers all aspects of creating 3D scenes including lighting, post-processing and shaders.
  • Animation and prototyping – This project shows you how to create MVPs using animation and multiple cameras in the environment.
  • 2D Character Generation – This project will introduce students to the 2D features offered by Unity. It allows users to create character templates that allow them to customize avatars.

What can you get out of these programs?

There were more than 34,000 job opportunities in 2019 that required real-time 3D skills. The demand for these skills is growing at 50% faster rate than the overall IT skill market.

Enrolling in a certification class will teach you the fundamental skills of Unity and prepare you to receive a certification from the most popular platform for creating interactive 3D content.

Employers recognize these skills and the associated certifications. This will allow you to increase your job prospects, earn a higher salary, and work on some of most innovative projects that use this technology.

Companies can reap the many benefits of Unity for upskilling their team.


The Unity Associate Programmer and Artist certificates, as well as Circuit Stream certification courses, offer a path to new skills, achievements, and opportunities in real-time AR/VR and 3D. To get started learning the skills visit or to earn your digital certification visit

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