Codemodeon Presents Conference Talk in Mixed Reality Form

Codemodeon (, an innovative digital studio based in Istanbul that creates immersive and interactive experiences, performed a unique Live Mixed-Reality Show by turning the stage into a children’s playground at Marketing Meetup Future 2017.


The team wanted to create a surprising and extraordinary experience for the audience by utilising today’s and tomorrow’s world captivating technology: Mixed-Reality. It had to look like an ordinary presentation at the beginning to create a greater impact on the audience when mixed-reality takes place with a smooth transition. The live feedback was beyond what has been expected.

Co-founder of Codemodeon Yagiz Hatay said, “With the headset on It was quite a challenge for me to make a demonstration. On the stage, you need to see the audience and their reactions while you are talking about something. I was all ears while doing the demo and listening to their reactions to feel the vibe.”

Beside the “Word of Mouth” effect, having a quite entertaining and explorative preparation phase, Live Mixed-Reality is expected to be experienced by a wide variety of fields. The limitless possibilities are ahead of where the Mixed Reality and Creativity unite.


Codemodeon is an innovative digital studio based in Istanbul that produces creative, immersive and interactive experiences for brands. Using virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, the team has been crafting one-of-a-kind experiences that educate, entertain and inspire the audience within the scope of experiential and event marketing. They are getting ready to release the full version of Header Goal VR on Steam and Oculus Store in near future.


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