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Texas A&M the First University to Offer “Xplorer Virtual Tour” System for VR-Enabled, Immersive, Fully Customizable Virtual Tours

Concept3D ( a leader in creating immersive online experiences with 3D modeling, interactive maps and virtual tour software, today unveiled Xplorer Virtual Tour, the new industry standard for VR-enabled experiences.



With Xplorer Virtual Tour, visitors can toggle between 360 degree-enabled tour and virtual reality mode for use with a mobile VR headset. The Xplorer Virtual Tour system uniquely allows visitors to orient themselves with an in-window map that shows their location and direction, and allows them to use the map to jump to and explore other locations. Additionally, the new system gives clients full control of the virtual experience and makes it easy to add or update tour content at any time.

“The Xplorer Virtual Tour experience is second only to being there, and it’s powerful to see how Texas A&M is taking advantage of the system to give online visitors a fun and realistic campus experience,” said concept3D CEO, Gordon Boyes.

Texas A&M University is among the first to offer virtual experiences powered by Xplorer Virtual Tour, and launched the system with an interactive, VR experience at SXSW. Texas A&M uses concept3D’s CampusBird interactive map and virtual tour platform.

“Paired with our CampusBird Map, the Xplorer Virtual Tour puts you right into the action and provides the ability to explore and get a feel for the Texas A&M campus in a way that gets visitors and prospective students really excited about what we offer as a university,” said Michael Green, Senior Graphic Designer, Texas A&M University. “Aside from prospective students, I can see current students, faculty and staff, parents and especially former students loving how they can get immersed in Aggieland from wherever they are. Xplorer is a really fun and compelling way to see Texas A&M up close, in virtual reality, and at your own pace.”

Xplorer Virtual Tour melds 360-degree panorama images and 360-degree video to create a seamless tour experience and offers on-screen text overlay to feature information about each location, as well as two integrated menus for navigation, zoom and virtual reality settings. Xplorer also includes a guided tour option with audio narration functionality so tour participants can listen and learn throughout their virtual journey. Xplorer Virtual Tour is offered as both a stand-alone virtual tour system and an add-on to concept3D’s CampusBird and atlas3D interactive map and virtual tour platforms.

concept3D clients include some of the largest and most innovative universities, resorts, convention centers, healthcare centers, retirement and senior living communities, arenas and venues as well as economic development agencies, commercial real estate firms and publishers.

More information, images and links to experience Xplorer Virtual Tour are available here:

About concept3D:

Founded in 2006, concept3D specializes in helping clients create immersive online experiences through a combination of 3D modeling and interactive map and VR-ready virtual tour software. concept3D’s products include CampusBird, a platform designed specifically for education, and atlas3D, an online experience platform designed to improve the guest experience and support marketing and sales at convention centers, healthcare and retirement facilities, large commercial sites, venues, resorts, hotels, retail locations and more. Learn more at

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