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Another Kickstarter Success For VR In 201

We’ve seen many success virtual reality campaigns on Kickstarter such as the Oculus goggles and Virtuix VR treadmill. Control VR is another company who successfully raised over $440K for their Kickstarter campaign, nearly doubled what they intended to raise.


For the first time, professional motion capturing is available for indie developers, small gaming companies or VFX production studios, and free lance animators, same technology companies like Dreamworks or Pixar have been using for years to produce Oscar winning films.


Control VR is a upper body motion tracking solution that gets you actual presence, the system can be used for a wide range of motion tracking applications beyond virtual reality. This fully immersive control input takes your hands, fingers and body into the virtual world creating a feeling of presence.


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This means whenever you move in the physical world, your avatar moves with you in the virtual world. You can pick up objects, throw them around as easy as throwing a ball in physical reality. You can even sit at a desk in your favorite virtual world in any location.


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The secret to control VR is the military grade inertia sensor, with rotational value of 1/10 of a degree on your chest, arm, hands, and fingers. The physical movement will register a VR sensing motion in the virtual world. Ali Kord is the inventor of this patented technology, and a partner of Control VR. For past twenty-years, he’s built motion capturing system for game companies, EA, Toyota, Ford, NASA.


Control VR’s Simplified SDK

Control VR was designed for wide range operating systems and platforms. The development kit comes with more than 10 free applications for the PC as well as an open source SDK for developers to create the applications of the future with Oculus VR, Google Glass, Unity, Unreal, Autodesk software, the Parrot AR Drone.


MotionBuilder, 3Ds MAX, MAYA, and SolidWorks. Plugins included which make the development kit immediately ready for use with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, MotionBuilder, 3Ds MAX, MAYA, and SolidWorks.


All developer kits include access to the Control VR Developer Center, which provides training videos, technical support developers. The SDK includes well-documented code, samples, and video tutorials to simplify integration with any 3D game or application.

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