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Porn Actress Angel Wicky from VR CosplayX

Cosplay Adult VR Takes Classic Film and Video Games for Inspiration

If you are in your 30’s or 40’s, you probably grew up playing classic videos game such as Street Fighters, Tomb Raider, Marios, Final Fantasy, Pokemon. Those fond memories can now be experienced once again in cosplay themed virtual reality adult content.



What is Cosplay?

The term cosplay was first coined in Japan back in the 80’s. Inspired by the costume enthusiasts from science fiction conventions, beginning with the 1st World Science Fiction Convention in New York City in 1939. People who are involved in the cosplay scene are called cosplayers.

Basically, they are people of all gender, age, race, dressing up as their favorite cartoon, TV, comic, anime, and popular movie characters from Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and etc… There is no limit for cosplayers to express their creative ideas.

Japan and USA currently has the most vibrant and active cosplay scenes. Japan has several cosplay conventions, and the largest cosplay event in the USA is the Annual San Diego Comic Con.



VRCosplayX Suicide Squad Parody

VR Adult Industry Finding Inspiration from Cosplayers

VRcosplayX, a spinoff company of BadoinkVR, has been drawing inspirations from cosplay scene and cosplayers. The site features VR adult films with popular porn stars dressed up as well-known movie, cartoon or comic characters while having sex.

Cosplay is all about fantasy and imagination, by wearing the costume, a cosplayer finds a temporary escape or disconnection from his or hers identity in the real life.

The world of virtual reality porn offers headset users a trip in the virtual fantasy world, as if he or she is having sex with the porn stars.

As you can see, there a similarity in their essence, which make them a perfect union. Which allows user to relive their wildest movie, cartoon and comic fantasies in virtual reality pornogrphy. Below is a Youtube teaser video of VRCosplayX’s Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody:

A man might be too old for videos games, but he will never be too old for some sexy cosplay porn in VR.


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