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Guided Meditation & Ramble By Cubicle Ninjas

Virtual Reality Reporter team visited Cubicle Ninjas booth @ E3 and asked Vice President of Marketing, Suzanne Manella about Cubicle Ninjas’ vision when creating unique VR experiences:


e3 cubicle ninjas vr app

Cubile Ninjas Vice President of Marketing, Suzanne Manella speaking to E3 visitors

“When we share our apps people are really excited to see something different in virtual reality. Most people think there are only VR games, but don’t realize you can use VR to create amazing experiences for education, relaxation, or to visit someplace you’ve never been.”



Guided Meditation VR is one of our favorite VR experiences to date, as it is one of the few virtual reality apps that touches the world of spirituality. The Guided Meditation provides powerful relaxation and trance experiences in beautiful, exotic locations around the global.


cubicle ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is an Illinois based creative agency that specializes in VR app production, web design, online presence building, branding and online marketing!


Users can meditate with or without their eyes closed, while being guided by “Relaxation Artificial Intelligence” with meditation techniques.



Guided Meditation is developed for Oculus Rift DK2. When we first tried it, it was a bit difficult for us to concentrate because of the weight and bulkiness of the DK2. My brain clearly knew that I was wearing a VR headset, therefore affected the immersive-ness of the VR experience.


oculus rift cv1

Oculus Rift consumer version @ E3





The “Half Moon” Oculus Touch


However, as we tested Oculus Rift consumer version ( CV1 ) @ E3, noting the significant improvement on overall fitting, size, weight and comfort, I was almost able to trick my brain into believing that I wasn’t wearing a VR headset.


With CV1’s spec improvement, users can concentrate more on the meditation focal point and Technics, and become fully immersed in Guided Meditation’s exotic virtual environment.


vr meditation app

Meditation is potential permanent solution and answer to the problems in the world!


As a dedicated meditator, we’d recommend Guided Meditation to anyone who is currently meditating or interested in learning about how to meditate to try out Guided Meditation.


Bora Boar guided meditation vr app

Bora Bora



guided meditation cubicle ninjas autumn vr


Guided Meditation VR Added Three New Locations

Three new locations ( Waterfall, Autumn, Bora Bora ) has been added to the Guided Meditation location archive. To find out more about Guided Meditation, please visit this page.


ramble vr venice

Cubicle Ninjas CEO, Joshua Farkas assisting E3 visitors to experience Ramble VR: Venice


Ramble VR: Venice was another great demo from Cubicle Ninjas’s E3 booth. Ramble VR is intended to provide users a entertaining and educational virtual touring experience of Venice, the “City of Masks. To learn more, please visit this page.



“Our goal is to develop amazing, high quality applications that allow people to enjoy experiences using virtual reality.” said Suzanne. We looking forward to test more amazing virtual meditation locations and travel destinations from Cubicle Ninjas.

We are also curious, that if any developer ever thought of making a portable scented aroma kit that can be synced with VR apps? It would be a great way to make VR experiences more immersive. Imagine how cool it would be if when you are meditating in Guided Meditation’s Bora Bora theme, and you can simultaneously, feel the salty wind, enjoy, and smell the scent of the ocean!



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