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Cyberith Virtualizer: Immersive VR Gaming Equipment

Cyberith Virtualizer allows users to control your in-game character with your own body and experience Virtual Reality in full immersion, with an unmatched degree of realism. Without restriction, Virtualizer eliminated the need for mouse and keyboard!


The Virtualizer offers absolute freedom of movement for every Virtual Reality application imaginable. Gaming. Simulation. Training. You name it!


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Ever since Palmer Lucky sparked the VR revolution, a number of startup companies have successfully crowd funded their products and services. This Austrian startup, Cyberith, is a great example of huge Kickstarter success for virtual reality startups. Cyberith have developed the Cyberith Virtualizer that allows players to move freely inside the virtual world.



Every part of the Virtualizer is designed to combine maximum immersion with maximum stability. After three years of development and three generations of prototypes, here comes the perfect solution to a core problem of Virtual Reality.


Cyberith, founded in 2014. Headquartered in Australia, with reginal offices in Vienna, Australia & Redwwod City, USA.

Cyberith, founded in 2014. Headquartered in Australia, with regional offices in Vienna, Australia & Redwwod City, USA.


What’s the use of an infinite virtual world if your body is still stuck in finite real space? Where other Virtual Reality locomotion solutions rely largely on open rooms to offer limited virtual space, the Virtualizer requires little room to offer unlimited virtual space.


Cyberith Virtualizer was designed to be compatible with any software that allows for controller or keyboard input, and is very easy to integrate into game engines. The Virtualizer can be easily stored and assembled in matter minutes. It runs on USB plug & play devices without the need for additional power supply, with integrated Bluetooth support to connect to HMDs like the Samsung Gear VR.



Use wired Head-Mounted Displays like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive in 360°without getting tangled up.


360 degree tangle free rotation! Sitting Function thanks to customized belt. Integrated sensors detect orientation of your upper body. Weight of the ring compensated through a special balance system.


The Cyberith Virtualizer has a low-friction base surface and high precision sensors that enable players to sit, walk, run, and interact with the virtual world in every direction. The central ring allows for vertical movements such as crouching and jumping, as well as 360-degree axial rotation provides an immersive virtual reality experience.

Made out of custom materials the base plate features the perfect friction coefficient for a natural walking gait. Built-in optical sensors detect each and every step of your movement, direction, and speed.


Unique 3 Point Decoupling System
Cyberith Virtualizer: Unique 3 Point Decoupling System

1 ) The Head Mounted Display provides the viewing direction of the player

2 ) Controllers with integrated sensors allow you to aim wherever you want

3 ) Sensors in the ring construction and the base-plate track your movement direction

Virtualizer Sensors

The sensors in the ring construction of the Cyberith Virtualizer stands out as the only locomotion device to offer Decoupling. Other devices rely on the data provided by the Head Mounted Display to decide your walking direction. It’s time for all gamers to step inside the game without being restrained!


Examples of Potential Applications of Cyberith Virtualizer


Therapy & Psychological Treatment Simulation

Battle and confront your fears with realistic simulations, overcome vertigo, phobia and all kinds of traumas. Chose exactly what level of confrontation your patient is ready to face in custom tailored trauma therapies.


Stop the simulation at anytime you or the patient feels suitable and bring them back to a safe environment. Clinical therapy may become more efficient than ever before. This would enable me to overcome my fear for extreme height!




Fitness Training & Workout

Tired of watching TV while spending countless hours on your treadmill? Your running track has lost its excitement after your 10th run? Change your routine and jog on the face of the moon for once…. or the Rockies.


With the Virtualizer you can track the distance you’ve covered, your calorie consumption and your average speed all while enjoying whichever scenery pushes you that extra step forward.




Career & Special Training for Different Fields

Create realistic training simulations for fire fighters, military forces, astronauts and many more. No need for costly logistics to set up the most efficient drills. Just load the experience on your computer and train away, eliminating danger to actual human life.


Improve your skills in custom missions tailored to fulfill your special job, task, and vocational training requirements.




Experience Architecture & Model Home

Take a walk through your future home before it’s even built or design 3D models while you’re standing inside of them. Whether you’re selling real estate or building houses, the Virtualizer is the tool for you.


Walking through a room at your own pace increases your feeling for that space, helping architects and customers alike in getting exactly the result they wanted all along.




Future of Gaming & Arcade Gameplay Model

The Virtualizer is compatible with a variety of games and offers a new and fun experience for individuals and groups alike, making the Cyberith Virtualizer the most versatile arcade machine ever. Let the gamers chose their favorite game and have their minds blown-away by the most immersive virtual reality experience!


cyberith virtualizer e3

Image taken @ E3 2015



Image taken @ E3 2015


cyberith booth at e3

Cyberith booth & the professional and friendly team @ E3 2015


We also want to congratulate Cyberith for their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, raised over $360,000 USD from 577 backers.


Pre-order yours here before August 31st and receive free Cyberith t-shirt and Virtualizer powerbank as a bonus. We have also confirmed with the Cyberith team, that the estimated delivery date is around the end of 2015!


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