Cybershoe Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Ended with 3 Times the Goal

Right Before the end of 2020, the Vienna-based new VR startup Cybershoe for Quest has successful funded its Kickstart campaign. Totaled $90,000+ USD from 400+ backers. That’s 3 times its original funding goal of $30,000 USD.

According to the Cybershoes tech team, the integration with Oculus Touch Controlller has its limitations when it comes to emulation.

“It looked very promising since we’ve started this endeavor but as of December 23rd we’ve identified new problems. Unless we can register as openXR driver, ideally in cooperation with Oculus/Facebook it would only work by rooting the device and this has never been a pathway we wanted to follow.” By Cybershoe Team

Cybershoes sets apart itself from other similar competitors by introducing a new concept of locomotion. Other virtual reality locomotion device and threadmills requires users stand on their feet. Cybershoes allows users to seat comfortably by placing their feet in a device that simulates walk, moving and running motions in VR games. This breakthrough is accomplished by using sets of wheels in each shoes and the integration and adoptation of inertial measurement unit (IMU) to account for foot orientation.

vr shoes

This is espeically helpful and useful when users are in for a prolonged period of gameplay!

The USB-powered head-mounted Quest module includes an additional IMU, when integrated with the shoes’ data, is able to generate X & Y motion for Oculus Quest.

According to Cybershoes, the team is going to provide a compatibility layer for other games via SideQuest, the off the hook online store for Quest games and experiences.

At this time, Cybershoes and it’s Quest compatible module are only available via its Kickstarter official page. If you have already owned a pair of Cybershoes and a set of Oculus Quest, you only have to pay $50 for its dedicated Quest Module before the Kickstarter campaign deadline. And for early backers, it cos $280 USD.

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