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Czech VR Porn Studio Review


About Czech VR

CzechVR is one of the most popular adult VR studio, favored by VR porn zealot as it currently has the best tech among other studios. With 384 movies as of December 2017, the studio has the largest catalog of virtual reality porn than anyone else.

Czech VR has a different style than top US studios such as Badoink, Naughty America, Wankz VR, and VR Bangers. The site features European style amateurs and professional primarily of Czech heritage. Another European producer, VirtualRealPorn, has somewhat of a similar style of production.

Since Summer 2017, recent productions features some of the more experienced and famous European adult performers, and shooting has definitely improved.

Similar to most earliest VR porn productions, early adaption resulted in lower quality footages and audio recording. Most settings are in a room and performed by amateurs. Certain older scenes you will see girls looking at the production crew rather than focusing on the acting.

The newer scenes have brought on more experience famous talents with significant improvement. Czech VR is one studio who strive to refine their productions through learning and polishing their technologies.

Czech VR

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With close to 400 scenes in their library, there is definitely something here for every VR porn fan, featuring a wide variety of girls and styles.

Czech VR currently has 183 scenes, Czech VR Fetish with 105 scenes, and Czech VR casting with 104 scenes.

Czech VR Misha Cross

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Subscription Fees

1 month – $24.95

3 months – $49.95

6 months – $84.95

Credit card, PayPal, Ukash, and Paysafecard are accepted.

Special offers

Czech VR currently do not have any special offers

Oculus Go standalone headset

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Which Headset Should I Get?

Entry VR Headsets:

Google Cardboard – If you don’t mind an entry level headset, this is one that will cost you less than $20. If you are just testing out the water, this is the best one to get before committing to something more expensive.

Samsung Gear VR – This is a step up from the Cardboard-like headset. Gear VR is provides mobility and decent quality, but does require a compatible Samsung Galaxy lineup of smartphone to power up. If you do not already own a Galaxy phone, you will need to spend a few hundred bucks buying it. Unlike a cardboard, Gear VR is equipped with touchpad so user can navigate through menus, access volume and focus button.

Advanced VR options:

Oculus Go – Facebook owned Oculus has been at the forefront developing the VR ecosystem. The company aims to alter the current landscape in 2018, when their untethered and standalone headsets are released. Unlike previous VR headsets, the new Oculus Go standalone will not need a computer or smartphone.

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg,

“it’s the most accessible VR headset yet;” it starts at $199 and it’s going to ship early next year. It appears that the mobile headset will be a similar experience to the Gear VR, allowing users to spin around but not move freely.

This new standalone VR headset renews Gear VR as an stripped down version of the Oculus Santa Cruz wireless headset. Expected shipment early 2018.

Oculus Santa Cruz – This headset is wireless with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), used for room-scale motion tracking. This would enable the user the ability to move and walk around in a virtual world with 6 degrees of freedom. The new headset is expected to ship in 2018.

Finally, HTC Vive and PSVR headsets are always our top recommendations for viewing Czech VR content, given that you have a powerful enough CPU or a PlayStation 4 to run the headsets.

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User Review

Czech VR debuted a new production style earlier this year. Certain scenes were shot by slow moving camera, depending on the person, may or may not cause motion sickness. For those who do not mind the effect, it becomes a nice addition to the commonly seen stationary VR porn. Certain scenes shot in summer 2017 featured new experimental camera mounted to body, which may appear to be a bit jerkier than the old setup. The company continues to lead the scene with new exciting features, improved camera technology, and a whole lot of content. However, they dropped to 3 releases per week since November 2017, and has been featuring a new cast roster.

Image credit: Czech VR

A subscription to Czech VR will grant you access to the MentalPass network site, which is about a dozen 2D porn sites that you can watch for free. Definitely a great value for what these guys are offering at a reasonable price. For the price and quality, a whole lot of traditional content, Czech VR has one of the best deal on the market. All scenes are shots in 60 fps at around 10 to 40 minutes each scene.

How to watch Czech VR videos

See our instruction here

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