On-Demand VR Adult Movie is Coming to European Hotels

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VR3000 is launch its new service VR Porn Showrooms to hotels in Europe!

VR3000 Looking to Bring VR Adult Film to Hotels In Europe

VR adult movie studio VR3000 announced that the studio is currently in negotiation with hotel chains in European countries, the VR adult studio is looking to partner with hotels to bring VR in-room service to hotel visitors, and monetize with paid in-room-service. The negotiating deal is said to include 85% of hotel room in EU region.


The studio's vision is inspired by the rise of online porn and how it became a highly profitable in-room paid service for hotels back in the days. VR3000 said that VR adult content has a great potential to bring the customers back with this new medium. If you have never watched virtual reality adult film, here is where you can start by first visiting our “Complete Guide on How to Watch Virtual Reality Adult Film” And here the top list of worldwide service providers you can choose from:


Virtual Real Porn

Virtual Real Porn video are compatible with VR sex toys such as Kiiroo and Lovense. This is the oldest VR porn studio, previously known as Oculus Real Porn, the first ever adult entertainment company that utilizes immersive 360 video capture technologies to produce adult VR entertainment. 
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VR Bangers

VR Bangers is at the forefront of virtual porn production, featuring some of the hottest names in adult VR entertainment such as Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, Dillion Harper, and Elsa Jean. The site features sexy clean looking girls that appear in their early 20s. 
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Naughty America VR

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Wankz VR

Winner of the 2017 XBIZ Award Show for Best Virtual Reality Porn Scene, “On Set with Riley Reid”, this award winning studio features some of the hottest name stars in adult entertainment. Wankz VR releases two new scene each week and offer several other network sites for free along with their membership subscription. They recently launch a new niche site, Milf VR, which is offered to Wankz VR subscribers at a special discounted rate. 

Adult Festa

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Real Teens VR

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JVR Porn

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Club Seventeen VR

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Czech VR

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From 2011-2016, hotel Chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and the world's largest hotel group InterContinental (727,000 rooms in 100 countries ) all made official announcement to stop offering pay-per-view porn in the hotel rooms. 

“The hotel chains we are speaking with were immediately receptive to the idea of showrooming VR content within their hotel rooms as part of a broader package of virtual reality offerings for guests,” explains Andy Alvarez of VR3000.com. “Firms in all sectors are seeking innovative ways to get VR gear in the hands of potential customers because it’s easiest to sell VR content to a client base after they have had the opportunity to see why it is so much more immersive than flat screen traditional media parallels.”


“That’s the thing with hotel VR porn: Hotels can easily provide devices for a rental fee or as a complimentary value added item as part of any stay,” Andy adds. “Whether hotels want a basic VR experience or a full suite of VR services, our industry-leading content and award-winning support team are available right now to make it happen.”


“Firms in all sectors are seeking innovative ways to get VR gear in the hands of potential customers because it’s easiest to sell VR content to a client base after they have had the opportunity to see why it is so much more immersive than flat-screen traditional media.”

The reason behind hotel chains' decision could be many, perhaps its the rise of on-demand-service such as Hulu and Netflix that's competing with hotel's service, or could it be that people nowadays can simply watch porn from their smartphone, iPad or laptop. All of the above probably contributed to the revenue drop hotel's porn on-demand service. But apparently the decision were financial rather than cultural.

Movie rental in US hotels has dropped.


VR adult film on-demand or streaming service has potential to become another revenue stream for hotels and content studios!

Imagine if today, a group of hotel guests enter a hotel room, and see a set of mobile-based VR headset with pre-loaded content, or a set of more expensive VR system such as HTC Vive already set-up, that is ready to stream virtual reality porn on-demand, a brand new paid-per-view service that most people hasn't tried yet as of today! People are probably going to want to give it a try for sure, and it could be a viable and steady income stream for the hotels and VR adult content providers around the world. Most importantly is the impact Hotel VR Porn may have on the multibillion-dollar advancement of the entire virtual reality tech industry.


VR Bangers Offers VR Content to Vegas Hotels

In 2016, another VR porn studio VR Bangers had brought VR porn to the hotel guests various hotel in Las Vegas. The guest only has to pre-pay $20 USD to have a set of AuraVisor VR headset with pre-loaded content in their hotel room. For more information, check out Techcrunch's article.


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