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Dermandar’s New Product Converts Any Smartphone Into a VR Camera

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Dermandar launches “theVRkit”, a hardware and software kit that converts any smartphone into a high resolution Virtual Reality camera. The kit is made of a fisheye clip-on lens, a Bluetooth controlled mount and a pair of VR glasses.

With its user-friendly, competitively priced kit, leading Image Processing and 360 VR technologies start-up Dermandar is making VR creation accessible to any content creator. “theVRkit” is a 3-pieces 1-click mobile VR solution that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture high resolution (8K) 360° Photospheres.

“theVRkit” relies on a straightforward creation process. It takes only a few steps to create sharp high resolution (8K) fully spherical VR images navigable in all directions: attach the high-quality fisheye lens on your phone camera with the universal clip, place the phone on the Bluetooth controlled rotator head and launch the app (available for free on iOS and Android). The phone starts rotating and taking pictures while all the image processing is made locally and instantly.

“At Dermandar we have been doing 360° image stitching for the past 10 years, we are obsessed about speed, quality and user experience”, said Elie-Grégoire Khoury, CEO of Dermandar.

About Dermandar:
Dermandar is a start-up specialized in “Digital Image Technology” and leader in the field of 360° VR technologies. It has initially released several photo apps such as the award-winning “DMD Panorama” with 10M downloads so far, but also StereoStitch an easy-to-use 3D-360 video stitching software. Dermandar team develops highly optimized image processing algorithms to deliver fast and user-friendly products.

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