Dezyred Review: The Best Interactive 3D Sex Game We've Tried

So what exactly is Dezyred? 

The Dezyred interactive sex game was first released back in December 2020, and is something that takes adult entertainment to a whole new level, one of the rare advancements we have seen since the beginning of VR porn. This is why we are doing a full Dezyred review for you here !

Unlike traditional 2D porn movies, VR porn movies are produced in a way where you as the viewer, you feel like you are in action with the performer(s). The Dezyred interactive VR porn game takes things to a whole new level, where you can actually decide what comes next in the VR experience. You can plan out your journey and fucking goals. 

Dezyred review

Is Dezyred the best interactive VR sex game ? 

Well, that’s a good question! While interactive 2D porn isn’t new, Dezyred is world’s first interactive VR porn sex game shot in 8K, keep in mind this is not CGI produced content. The game was produced by VR Bangers, based on storylines where the choice is always yours, which makes this interactive VR porn game unlike anything out there. There’s really nothing we can compare it to in its class. 

The game is comprised of a diagram of storyline, basically choices that you can make that will lead you to different scenes.

How much does cost to play Dezyred? 

It is free to register Dezyred, but the premium content could get kind of expensive if you want to unlock all the routes with credits. Most who’s tried it have no regrets in supporting the price, as this is top notch premium content you can’t find from other producers, and this is why VR Bangers, to our opinion, is the number one VR porn studios in the world. 

To advance each plot would cost around 150-500 credits, from time to time I felt a bit disappointed because paying did not get me the sexy stuff, and made me wonder if I should continue to pay more credits for the next advancement. 

The prices for credits are:

  • 3000 credits @ $20
  • 125000 credits @ $50
  • 30000 credits @ $100

New customer will receive free 600 credits, and it will cost you around $30 to unlock all the variations of the storyline. 

The bad news is that the game currently has only one storyline, Double Trouble, which features Whiteny Wright and Lacy Lennon. In this VR porn game, you are Lacy’s stepbrother enjoying your weekend time with her, accompanied by her best friend Whitney. This is one weekend you will not forget, as you have tons of decisions to make. The are a total of 9x sex scenes, and 7+ hours of play hours such as sunbathing, party, intimate talk, and wild sex. This may just turn out to be the best weekend of your life. 

the best vr porn game

The good news is that there are two more stories coming soon in the upcoming days.

These are :

Sorority Hookups which features 9 performers, 3 miles, and up to 12 different sex scenes that is over 12 hours of playtime. 

womanizer Chronicle features Cecilia Lion, Morgan Lee, Angela White, Kyler Qunn, and Katy Jayne. This interactive storyline will provide you with over 9 hours of playtime and 7 sex scenes. 

How to play Dezyred? 

In order to play the game, you must download the free Play’a app on your VR headset such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR, Windows Mixed Reality, or HTC Vive. After installing the app, you simply add Dezyred and login to your account. 

If you experience any issues, please be sure to follow VR Banger's guidelines on how to play the game. You want to make sure your PLAY'A app is up to date, and visit the help section to see if your device is registered. For Quest 2 users, you would want to use the Link, as it will not work properly on a standalone headset. 

Feel free to reach out to VR Banger's support, they are always awesome at getting back to their customer. 

Quality Scenes Up to 8K

The picture quality and overall lighting are good, although sound may seem a bit low on some scenes, but most are fine to our opinion.  The male actor's voice is good, while Lennon and Whitney Wright are just straight up hot. There's lots of options to interact with the girls and environment, I was very happy with this game. 

Depending on your system, the scenes can be accessed in 4K, 5K, 6K, or 8K. You can chose the highest resolution that give you the most realistic interactive sex game experience, but if you start to encounter any technical problems, simply downgrade to the next available resolution. Keep in mind the file size can be enormous and can eat up your disk space. 

Our Conclusion

If you are bored of traditional porn and even traditional VR porn movies, Dezyred is something out of the dream of erotic fantasies.

Or you might even be interest to try some live VR porn sex cam show on StripChat.  

 Nothing can beat the immersion of virtual porn movies, but what's even better is the ability to truly interact in 8K 360 degree 3D with these performers. You are no longer just stuck to one particular scene setup, and get to experience like you are part of the storyline with the hottest babes in town. You also get to experience these girls over and over again, but each time with a slightly different variation of endings. There's really nothing out there that's truly comparable to Dezyred. 

I love the way scenes are mapped to help you understand what other game scanes you can unlock. The navigation and overall user experience is great. 

This site may be somewhat new with limited experiencew, but VR Banger is world's best virtual porn producer. I trust more and more storylines to be released in the near future. 

That's all, what are you waiting for? It's time for you to go play this game and report back to us. 

Lastly, if you want to learn more about 3D sex games, check out our  virtual sex games guide

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