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Dimensional Imaging DI4D Provides Facial Capture & Analysis Solution

Dimensional Imaging, based in Hillington Park Innovation Centre at Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 2002 by Colin Urquhart and Dug Green.


Dimensional Imaging ( was named Virtual Clones Ltd. and later renamed ) is the world’s leading expert in 3D human body & 4D surface image capture technology.


Dimensional imaging head mounted camera system

Actor Shaun McGowan during the motion and facial capture session. Wearing the DI4D’s own head mounted camera system!


Dimensional Imaging provides a high quality facial performance capture and analysis solution and system: DI4D. The DI4D facial performance capture solution is based on passive stereo photogrammetry software.


This allows a stereo pair of images captured with a calibrated pair of cameras to be processed automatically to derive a dense 3D model, with a 3D point calculated for every foreground pixel.



In addition to calculating per frame 3D models, the DI4D Processing Software also calculates a dense optical flow map for each image to the previous and subsequent image in the sequence.


The DI4D PRO System captures sequences of high resolution, colour 3D facial performance data using digital video cameras.


DI4D System Are Being Applied Across Industries

DI4D system and technology are being applied in different industries such as movie, games, dental, surgery, psychology, orthodontics and entertainment. Clients include: Glasgow Dental Hospital, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Remedy Entertainment, University of Glasgow and Dallas Children’s Hospital.


dead island dimensional imaging  solution

The infamous Dead Island gameplay!

DI4D System First Project: Dead Island By Axis Animation

Dead Island by Axis Animation was the first project that used DI4D system. A big break for Dimensional Imaging !


Since then, Dimensional Imaging were involved in a stream of on-going high profile projects including, Left 4 Dead 2, Houdini, La Belle et la Bête, Dead Island, Total War Attila, Battle Field 3, FIFA, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and more.


Remedy Entertainment also licensed Dimensional Imaging’s DI4D software and system to process facial performance capture in Xbox One’s popular game title: Quantum Break.

di4d dimensional imaging

Quotes From Dimensional Imaging Founders: Colin Urquhart and Dug Green

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“having the patience and resilience to wait if the timing is wrong, but also the ability to react quickly when the time is right.”


“When you take that first step in developing a new product or solution, you need that naïve idealistic Field of Dreams optimism that if you build it they will come – without that you would never create anything new or innovative in the first place.”


“Our investment in 4D capture development is really beginning to pay off now, we were very fortunate that the first project our DI4D system was used on was the Dead Island trailer created by Axis Animation, which went hugely viral.”


“We’re also really excited that Remedy are using our DI4D technology for Quantum Break, which we think will be truly groundbreaking, and I’m confident that our latest innovation – our head-mounted 4D capture system – will bring us even more success.”


“Our 3D solution was initially ahead of the games market in 2003 and we had to wait for the new generation of consoles to drive demand for higher fidelity capture of likeness. I feel the timing is right again now, with the next generation of consoles for 4D capture of facial performance, and we have reacted to this opportunity by developing our head-mounted DI4D HMC solution.”

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Develop Awards 2015!

Dimensional Imaging are among the finalist for Develop Awards 2015!


Dimensional Imaging was 2014 TIGA GAMES INDUSTRY AWARDS winner in the “Best Animation Supplier” category! And the team is currently being nominated as one of the Develop Awards 2015 finalists in “Best Technology Provider” category. The winners will be announced in July 2015. We wish Dimensional Imagine the best luck to win!


Image & Content Source: DI4D, Creative Blog, Develop Online

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