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DisplayLink Shows Ultimate Wireless Multi-Player VR Gaming Experience at E3 2018

DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics and Wireless VR technology today launched a wireless VR showcase at E3, featuring multi-player wireless VR, replica weaponry, haptic wearables, and a unique way to watch the action at the E3 Expo 2018, West Hall, booth 5612. Spectators can enjoy the action watching their friends play against a 140 sq. ft. display wall delivering a theater-level viewing experience akin to being in the game.

“We design our VR game series to be as immersive as possible, which from the developer-side involves complex combinations of graphics, audio and action”

“User-experience is king at DisplayLink and we’re always looking to push the envelope of what’s possible,” said Graham O’Keeffe, CEO and Chairman at DisplayLink. “The key to a memorable VR experience is immersion: the deeper the immersion, the better the experience. At E3 we’re bringing together freedom of movement, multi-sensory feedback, and a new spectating environment, which enhances the social nature of VR gaming.”

Wireless VR featuring the VIVE Wireless Adaptor

DisplayLink XR technology enables a wire-free VR experience that is visually identical to the VR tether. With wireless, gameplay becomes much more immersive, allowing players to roam, jump, and spin throughout truly room-scale areas.

Visitors to the DisplayLink booth during E3 can experience wireless VR on the upcoming VIVE Wireless Adaptor connected to HTC’s VIVE Pro headset. Featuring the DisplayLink XR codec and Intel’s WiGig specification, the VIVE Wireless Adaptor takes advantage of the interference-free 60GHz band, optimizing performance in busy wireless environments and ensuring a low latency user-experience.

“VIVE pioneered room-scale VR with accurate tracking technology that immerses users in their gaming experience like never before,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM Americas, HTC VIVE. “The VIVE Wireless Adaptor will set the bar for VR technology again with its introduction later this year. We’ve partnered with the best technology companies, such as DisplayLink and Intel to deliver a truly premium wireless VR experience that changes how people engage with their VR games and how they are developed.”

Ultra-Immersive Gameplay

DisplayLink has partnered with leading game developer Croteam to create a uniquely immersive gaming experience. Playing The Last Hope — the latest installment in Croteam’s popular Serious Sam VR franchise — users wield replica mini-guns complete with rotating barrels, establishing a deeper level of immersion along with a more engaging viewing experience for spectators.

“We design our VR game series to be as immersive as possible, which from the developer-side involves complex combinations of graphics, audio and action,” said Daniel Lucic, PR & Marketing Manger at Croteam. “Adding replica weaponry serves to considerably reinforce the immersion. DisplayLink’s ability to sever the tether in turn sends the player even deeper into the gameplay resulting in a truly unique experience.”

Haptic Wearables

TACTSUIT from bhaptics is a wireless haptic suit that delivers appropriate haptic feedback for VR. More than 70 feedback points are powered by eccentric rotating mass vibration motors, enabling games to be programmed with refined haptic feedback to deliver more immersive experiences. At the DisplayLink booth during E3 visitors will have the opportunity to try bhaptics technology and discover the difference it makes to VR gaming.

“Our goal at bhaptics is to enable people to experience virtual reality, not just visual reality, and a big part of that is realistic and appropriate haptic feedback,” said Kiuk Gwak, CEO at bhaptics. “We’re very excited to be working with DisplayLink who share our vision of a more immersive, complete VR experience, and whose technology provides an essential piece of the VR puzzle.”

Visit DisplayLink during the E3 Expo 2018 from June 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall, booth 5612.

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