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Dr. Eunseok Park Joins uSens as General Manager of Augmented and Virtual Reality Tracking Company – Former USA director of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology named on nearly 200 patents

uSens, Inc., a pioneer in hand-and-head tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality, has appointed Dr. Eunseok Park to the new position of U.S. general manager. A collaborator on nearly 200 world patents, Dr. Park was most recently the U.S. regional director for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), where he managed research and development in emerging technologies across all four U.S. sites. In his new role with uSens, Dr. Park will tap into the deep business relationships he has established with the world’s leading academic and corporate research entities.



“We are so proud to have a leader with the pedigree of Eunseok Park join the uSens team,” said Anli He, CEO and co-founder of uSens. “He brings incomparable expertise in administration and management of engineering projects and in nurturing teams. uSens will benefit from his broad connections to attract the highest caliber of research and engineering talent and to build industry partnerships that will grow uSens’ footprint in the ARVR industry.”


“I couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to join uSens at this stage of the company’s growth. I look forward to experiencing the startup world from the inside and to apply my management and operational skills to take uSens to the next level of maturity,” said Dr. Park. “During my tenure with SAIT, I established deep relationships with the top research sites across the U.S. and Europe. I’m excited to mine those connections to bring more world-class research talent into uSens, and to help uSens in the commercialization of its AR and VR tracking solutions.”


A Visionary Leader

Dr. Eunseok Park has spent the last 11 years with the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), the main research and development center for Samsung Electronics and other businesses within the Samsung Group. Beginning his career at SAIT as a senior researcher, Dr. Park eventually became regional director for Europe, where he identified and developed new areas of research in emerging technologies including mobile health. He also oversaw strategic IP for licensing or purchasing, and supported collaborations with leading European research institutes and business partners. As regional director for the U.S., Dr. Park managed R&D and operations across four sites and more than 100 employees, coordinated joint research projects with leading U.S. academic entities, and identified startups for angel and early-round investments.


Dr. Park received his MS degree and PhD in electrical engineering from Syracuse University in New York, and an MBA from Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. In addition to his extensive patent portfolio, Dr. Park is the author of many articles published for IEEE symposiums.


Controller-Free Tracking in AR and VR

uSens recently launched the uSens uDev network to help the developer community integrate the company’s industry-leading, inside-out 26DOF (Degrees of Freedom) hand tracking and 6DOF head tracking technology in their ARVR projects. The uSens Fingo series of modules offer advanced 3D human-computer interaction capability on PC-based VR systems such as Oculus Rift™ and HTC Vive™ as well as mobile platforms like Samsung Gear VR™, Google Daydream™, Google Cardboard™ and the new Epson® Moverio™ BT-300 Developer Edition augmented reality (AR smart glasses. By attaching a Fingo module to the front of a head-mounted display (HMD) device holder, end users can experience their favorite apps controller-free. Fingo also enables 6DoF head position tracking through easy-to-set-up external markers.


uSens is currently working with the 10 semifinalists in its uDev Challenge, which offers a total of $200,000 in cash prizes for app developers across two regional competitions in the U.S. and China.


Connect with uSens:
• Visit the uSens uDev network portal to request a developer kit or to order a Fingo.
• Meet live with uSens at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) Expo March 1-3 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center (South Hall, booth 1942).


About uSens, Inc.
Founded in 2013, San Jose-based uSens, Inc. closes the gap between Virtual Reality and the real world. The pioneering ARVR company provides inside-out, 26DOF hand and 6DOF head position tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. With domain expertise in 3D HCI technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, uSens is leading the industry to achieve Super Reality, a truly immersive and natural ARVR experience. For more information, visit and follow @usensinc.


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