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Pay a Visit to Dr. Feelgood’s Office in Virtual Reality with Serene Siren and Milana May!

Could a good psychotherapist solve your sexual problems and fix the issues with your intimacy with his (or her) guidance and instructions? According to VR Bangers – one of the best premium VR porn movies’ producers that became recognizable thanks to their one-of-a-kind VR porn experiences in 6K ultra high definition – going to such a specialist is one of the best things that you could do, and if you do not feel confident about this choice, you may as well do that inside of their immersive virtual reality.

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In their latest VR porn scene called Dr. Feelgood, the makers attempted to work on the issues of the members of their community with the help of a professional VR porn star, Serene Siren, who is an extraordinary specialist in the intimacy area and knows the best all the sexual needs and dreams of all the horny men wearing VR headsets.

Inside of this VR porn fantasy, every single one of the members of the VRB’s community will appear inside of this VR porn experience, at the same time becoming a husband of another VR porn star – Milana May – since she is the one who claims that her sexual life needs fixing, and she insisted to pay a visit to Serene – and thus girls have finally met in front of the VR Bangers’ virtual reality camera.

“It is actually hard to tell which one of these beautiful ladies is hotter, but this choice will be left to our fans,” admits Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Being able to witness one of these amazing VR porn performers right in front of your face is already intense – but when you are being surrounded by two of them in full 3D virtual reality, it is only getting better. And that is exactly why we not only like to shoot a threesome VR porn scene from time to time, but we also believe that lesbian VR porn movies have that special something that could make even the biggest VR porn’s connoisseurs satisfied.”

Just like stated above, this little visit to Mrs. Siren’s office will no time turn into a fully-fledged lesbian VR porn fantasy – with not one but two beautiful and young VR porn stars, fans of VR Bangers will certainly have what to look at. Since lesbian VR porn scenes are rather rare for VR porn sector of the adult entertainment industry – as most of these videos are being shot from POV (point of view) of a person wearing a VR headset – this newest VR porn movie from these premium producers could surprise you even if you think that you have seen everything that VR porn has to offer.

To watch it and see for yourself if that is true, make sure to visit this VR porn movie directly after going over here – and do not forget that VRBangers.com is full of many other VR porn videos to choose from, so you will always find something interesting to watch out there!

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