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Dream Channel VR Nominated for Screen Producers Australia Awards 2017

“Gaze Coin powered virtual world one of 3 finalists for best interactive film in Australia’s pre-eminent film awards”

Blockchain-enabled VR advertising platform Gaze Coin announced today that the VR film created by its founder, Dream Channel VR, is one of 3 nominees for Best Interactive Film at the prestigious Screen Producers Australia Awards 2017.

Seen by many as the primary litmus test of excellence, nominations and voting for the Awards are strictly limited to members of the Screen Producers Association, as such, nominations are seen as highly coveted peer recognition of expertise and excellence.

“The nomination is recognition for all the hard work in a very innovative space where you are literally feeling around in the dark for an answer. When you find it it’s rewarding,” commented Gaze Coin founder Jonny Peters.

“Dream Channel’s strength is its formula for narrative story telling using real actors – all inside a virtual world where audiences interactions and decisions are measured, triggering brand involvement and financing. The mechanic for this is our Gaze Coin virtual currency,” he continued.

Dream Channel VR provides an immersive “choose your own adventure” experience centred around gangsters who steal dreams. Audiences enter the world and discover that their dreams have been stolen too – suddenly making them the protagonist of the story.

“This transition from viewer to active participator only happens in VR. Suddenly audiences are thrust into making decisions that affect the narrative outcome. As they use ‘gaze’ to trigger where the want to take the story, this opens up huge opportunities for immersive advertisers to be integrated into this journey,” said Peters referring to the monetisation mechanism that he has created.

“The making of DreamChannel VR allowed me to finesse the plan I devised during my Masters in Virtual Reality, where I examined virtual currencies and how they would be integrated into the business models that would ultimately drive VR & AR. The result is the integration of blockchain technology that is required to seamlessly handle the millions of associated micropayments. With our platform, literally everywhere you go, look or touch in VR and AR can be monetized, making it a blueprint for advertisers and brand engagement of the future,” concluded Peters.

Gaze Coin’s public ICO commences on 31 October 2017. The Screen Producers Australia Awards will take place in Melbourne on 16 November 2017.

About Gaze Coin
Gaze Coin platform was specifically designed to solve the challenges of the monetization of virtual worlds, bridging the gap between the promise of VR/AR and the ability for brands and content owners to capitalize on it. The platform is a blockchain-enabled solution that uses patented technology, securely storing ownership and transaction data about content assets in virtual worlds, tracking and managing micropayments associated with content consumption.

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