Dreamium Labs Transforms Your Selfie Into A Interactive NFT Avatar

Dreamium Labs is the world's most prominent metaverse platform developer announced the Dreamscape Open Metaverse. This blockchain platform is helping to create the foundation for digital interactions and monetization. This NFT metaverse platform allows anyone to join and participate by taking a simple selfie. This creates a full-body 3D avatar and a blockchain account with advanced NFT identification system. The miniiworld app is now available on iOS

The Dreamscape Open Metaverse was built with simplicity, interoperability and sustainability in mind. The journey begins with one selfie. Creators, developers, and network operators reap the rewards of engagement and monetization by teaming up to create, sustaian an immersive Web 3.0 ecosystems.

The Dreamscape Open Meftaverse is built on the only interactive and intelligent NFT blockchain platform that runs on 100% renewable energy, has an integrated persona identity system, provides Play-Create-Develop-to-Earn+Doante rewards (PCD2E+D) to the entire ecosystem, and is scalable to support the world's four billion internet connected users.

Emest Cline's "Ready Player One," imagined a dystopian future where everyone had an avatar who lived in a digital Metaverse world called the OASIS. It was a global MMORPS (Massive Multiplayer Online Rolling Simulation), which was completely controlled by one man's legacy. This simulation became crucial for survival and escape from the grim reality.

This joint initiative was created to accelerate the development, deployment and decentralization of the next generation computing. It includes The Dreamscape Open Metaverse which is the Layer 1 stack upon which an open Metaverse can be built and The Dreamscape MetaDAO that is the community organization that operates, owns and governs the Dreamscape Open Metaverse.

The Dreamscape Open Metaverse

The Metaverse refers to the evolution of the internet into an array of immersive worlds and apps that create a Dream-like landscape called The Dreamscape. It is created dynamically by the creativity of all participants, providing an escape from real life. The Dreamscape Open Metaverse, an open access on-ramp to Metaverse, powers a tokenize ecosystem that powers developers, intellectual property owners and iconic personsas to create a vibrant immersive community.

Dreamscape harnesses the power and potential of Web 3.0 technologies to create a "game within a game" Decentralized Universal Non-Ferrous Character System (4UNCS). This system is called the miniiverse and powers the next generation of rewarding apps and worlds called Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Interactive experiences.
Dreamscape is extremely developer-friendly. It uses a zero-blockchain codingSDK that allows any developer to quickly create a dMMIX for their existing apps or create new ones.

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