Dress Abstract Creator Nima Veiseh Hosts First Virtual Reality TedX 360 Event

Professional artist and academic researcher, Nima Veiseh will be hosting his first TedX 360 video event via http://nimaveiseh.com/ted-talk. Nima, creator of the art apparel line, Dress Abstract delivered an 18-minute speech on “tuning,” which signifies how we manage our memory and how we capture experiences for ourselves internally and externally. The Tedx talk (“Tuning: A Talk on Memory, Art and Harmony”) featuring Nima is now available.


Nima Veiseh’s TedX talk not only allows viewers to listen in on his speech but they have the ability to observe the art pieces on the wall and products from his apparel line in the room. This event provides the audience with personal access into Nima’s personal life and gives an introspective portrait to who he is behind his fashion brand and art collection.


“We are in the art business more than fashion,” said Nima Veiseh, lead designer and Creator of Dress Abstract. “Intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal are the three concepts that have helped me tune myself professionally and externally with the outside world,” Veiseh continues.


This virtual reality video experience is a deep dive into Mr. Veiseh’s diagnosis with HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory) at an early age, and how he has since developed a system to manage his ever-increasing memory. The average person’s memory only allows significant experiences to be captured indefinitely. Having the ability to remember every moment and every experience of his life, Nima learned how to cope with this extraordinary ability by translating his memory into timely art pieces, which ultimately led to him building the Dress Abstract brand as a way to empower artists and share his art with people.


About Dress Abstract

Dress Abstract is an art apparel line that was designed to have the same timeless appeal as a museum painting. Each piece of clothing is inspected, tracked and signed, like any limited edition piece of art — making for a perfect collectable item.

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