Echo3D Raises 4 Million USD to Grow Developer and Marketers

New York based Echo3D (formerly known as EchoAR) raised $4 million USD investment to change the way AR and VR content is stored and streamed by reducing the file size for 3D objects used on apps and websites.

The investment round was led by Konvoy Ventures with participation from Remaine Ventures, Space Capital, Datadog, Github, and Facebook.

Echo3D achieved their newest milestone of 11,000 worldwide developers since 2020.

The company was  ounded in 2018  to bring infrastructure and tools to aid developers produce 3D apps and games. The cross-platform solutions stores, streams, and manages 3D assets to mobile devices browsers, smart camera device, and game engineers can access them anywhere.

Prior to the global pandemic, the platform only had around 300 develops. The platform quickly took off as develop base grew, as many companies are looking to develop 3D assets with digital solutions.

The platform also converts, compresses, and optimize animations, 3D models, and 3D assets to any mobile phone, VR headset, or browser. Developers are utilize the platform to build cloud-games, AR content, NFT marketplace, and more.

Co-found Alon Grinshpoon say that

“We’re a cloud platform for 3D applications, which basically means that we provide tools and network infrastructure for companies and developers who want to build games, gear, VR experiences, and 3d applications in general,” Grinshpoon said. “It’s very similar to how you build a website and you have to store images and videos on some remote cloud. With Echo3D, you store 3D models, animations, interactive content, and then you can stream that to game engines and mobile devices and headsets and web browsers all over the world.”

For instance, an architecture company uses Echo3D for their AR 3D models. The original 3D asset file uploaded to the platform of 500 megabytes is reduced down to just 5 megabyte that can easily be streamed to a mobile device.

The company envision being the Amazon Web Service for 3D, being to preferred solution for 3D applications.

The company plans to use the investment money to expand and grow developers and marketers. Echo3D was recently named a Verified Solution Partner for the Unity game engine. This will enable developers to easily utilize the platform for its 3D CMS (content management system) and delivery network (CDN) to quickly create their app's backend, allowing customers to publish content to 3D apps and games without the needs of a development team.

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