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Ela Darling Debuts VR Character in ‘Ela’s Dreamscape’ for ViRo

Ela Darling has announced her debut as a character in “a new VR experience,” a partnership between ViRo Playspace and the Steam platform, titled “Ela’s Dreamscape.”

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A rep described the game as taking place in “an ethereal plane of crystals and light. The experience features Ela as a goddess whose desires shape the elements of the world around her. At the start of the scene, the viewer is prompted to indicate their gender and the sexual aspects that unfold later are tailored to their selection.”

“Ela’s Dreamscape” is the first collaboration by ViRo Playspace with an adult film performer, following several releases that star fictional characters. Darling, who is also the marketing director for ViRo, assisted in the project’s creation and direction.

“It was an incredibly surreal experience for me, making my debut as a video game character,” she recalled. “I spent a day in a high-end motion capture studio wearing a mo-cap suit and then recorded my facial movements and voice in an elaborate neck rig. It’s the least naked I’ve been in the process of creating porn, but the final product is incredible. ‘Virtual Ela’ even has all of my tattoos.”

“From the very beginning, it was made clear that this was my experience and I was the one who would decide how I’m depicted and how the scene plays out,” she noted. “I had a lot of creative control. I chose to include a little bit of foot play where the viewer has to give me a foot rub to continue to the end of the scene.”

Justin Moravetz, CEO of ViRo, praised the creation of “Ela’s Dreamscape.”

“Working with Ela was sort of a test case for ViRo in creating worlds and avatars based on adult performers. The company’s focus is creating a safe, judgement-free, sex-positive space for everyone,” he said. “In addition to her talent as a performer, we wanted to use Ela’s experience in adult industry activism to ensure the process is inclusive and respectful of the performer from start-to-finish.”

ViRo recently re-released “upgraded versions of all of the experiences in ViRo Playspace,” said the rep, on Steam as downloadable content. “The application, which is available to both VR users and desktop users, is compatible with over 45 different haptic and teledildonic devices. ViRo currently offers eight virtual experiences that explore a variety of kinks and fetishes.”

Visit ViRo.club for additional details and follow the company on Twitter for the latest updates.

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