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Porn Star Elsa Jean is Trying to Master Five Easy Pieces and She Needs Your Help in VR!

Is playing a piano something difficult? Well, it depends if you want to become a master or simply play some of the basic melodies to impress drunk girls on the parties. It also depends on the teacher you have – and what if your teacher was a professional adult actress? Or, quite the contrary, what if you were supposed to teach a porn star how to play this instrument?

VR Bangers – one of the adult VR porn industry’s top producers, who became popular thanks to novelties like 6K ultra high definition VR porn scenes introduced by them as the very first in the xxx industry – have just created a new VR porn fantasy based of the aforementioned thought – the one inside of which you are going to have an incredibly bratty and problematic (although really sexy and beautiful) young student.

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Five Easy Pieces is the latest VR porn movie from these premium VR porn scenes’ makers inside of which you will become a teacher of Elsa Jean – one of the cutest teen blonde VR porn stars in the entire industry who looks just crazy while wearing some school-girl outfits and is one of the best fits for such roles both in regular xxx content and in immersive virtual reality porn videos, too.

The aforementioned super-hot VR porn vixen will be really demanding and will not have any patience whatsoever, so she will want you to teach her how to play the piano straight away – not actually paying attention to your instructions and just fooling you with her bratty attitude. The problem will be that Elsa’s father inside of this virtual reality porn fantasy will be also really demanding, and if he would have only found out that you did not teach anything to his little girl, he could literally kick your ass for your incompetence – so you are really determined to make it all work.

The slutty little girl has a different plan on this entire situation and she wants to use your huge cock to her delight and make the most of this piano lesson on her very own terms – and only if you will follow her guidance, lick her pussy and fuck her later, you will not get into trouble with her father and make out of this entire situation alive.

“Being a teacher is never an easy thing, and especially when you have a student as bratty as Elsa Jean,” admits Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “I liked the idea of being ‘blackmailed’ by a little slut so much that I had sooner or later turn it into one of our VR porn fantasies – and with Elsa on the deck I believe that we produced something truly catchy and sexy, and hopefully all our fans are going to like this newest virtual reality porn experiences of ours, too!”

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