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Enduvo Raises Seed Capital for Its AR/VR Rapid Content Authoring and Distribution Platform

Enduvo, the leading immersive content authoring and delivery platform for healthcare, mechanical, and technical industries, today announced it has raised a seed round of financing.

This capital includes investments from UL Ventures, Caerus Institute, and select angel investors. Prior investments include private angel investors and an Air Force Small Business Innovation Research grant. The company will use the funds to accelerate the development of new features and scale the deployment of its platform.

“We are reducing the time, cost and complexity typically associated with AR/VR training content creation and distribution,” said Steve Garrou, CEO, Enduvo. “We will use the investment to focus on markets that have a strong reliance on 3D modeling software including manufacturing, healthcare, industrial, and public sector. Organizations in these industries want to integrate an experiential component to improve the results of their training and collaboration programs, and they don’t have extra budget for these efforts.”

Enduvo is the first commercial product to come out of Jump ARCHES, a part of OSF Innovation that supports collaboration between engineers from the University of Illinois College of Engineering and health care providers at OSF HealthCare and University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria.

Dr. Matthew Bramlet, the Director of Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab (AIM) at Jump Simulation in Peoria, IL and the co-developer and co-founder of Enduvo explains, “We wanted to make it really simple for experts to create and share virtual learning experiences. With Enduvo, anyone can build a lesson in virtual reality using nothing more than a 3D model, 2D assets, and video clips and then share the lesson to learners wherever they reside.”

Since its inception, Enduvo has extended the use of its platform beyond hospitals to government, manufacturing, and industrial customers. The company is also collaborating with leading AR/VR hardware companies such as Dell, HP, HTC VIVE, Intel, and Oculus.

About Enduvo 
Enduvo is a powerfully simple, immersive content authoring and delivery platform that gives people in healthcare, mechanical, and technical industries a better way to teach, learn and collaborate. Enduvo removes the complexity, inflexibility, and high cost associated with creating augmented and virtual reality content. Its’ market-leading platform allows anyone to create and share AR/VR content in minutes, without any technical training, and at a fraction of the previous cost. Experts “jump in”, produce content, and narrate the experience. Learners gain knowledge directly from experts through immersive, one-on-one experiences. People are more engaged, retain more information in less time, and are better prepared for the work they do. Enduvo originated in the Advanced Imaging and Modeling Lab at Jump Simulation, an OSF HealthCare and University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria collaboration.

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