Enjoy the Massively Multiplayer Blackjack Game in Virtual Reality World

Casinopia: The Blackjack, the free-to-play VR social casino game developed by oneIMMERS and published by YJM Games is now available on Steam Store. Casinopia: The Blackjack was launched on October 12th and it is said to be the first series of Casinopia that offers you a casual Blackjack game in virtual reality world. The game is playable on HTC VIVE and supports various features that improve the immersion of VR games such as motion controller and voice chat system. In-game purchases are also offered to aid players to boost their ranks in the game.

Visit Casinopia: The Blackjack on Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/692060/Casinopia_The_Blackjack

Surrounded by beautiful views, the game of Blackjack has never been better! Immerse yourself in excellent environment where you can sit on a table and place your bet against other players. The game brings the classic Blackjack to the table and you can enjoy the game in 2 modes, single mode and multiplayer mode. Practice and play against beautiful attractive dealers in single-mode or join other players in multiplayer-mode and have a free-talk with them using voice chat system.

Game features

Various features in the game are offered in Casinopia: The Blackjack, allowing players to enjoy and immerse into virtual reality environment with high-quality graphics.

  • Beautiful immersing leisure places can be found in the game. Pick your favorite place and enjoy the view while playing blackjack.
  • Participate in the game or watch others playing the game and analyze their strategy. Not only you can watch others’ game, you can also do some sightseeing around the leisure area that you pick.
  • Multiplayer mode supported with voice chat system is one of the special features that are added to the game. Chat and engage with other players! Up to eight players can join in a single room, five players sitting on the table and three other players watching them playing the game.
  • Casinopia: The Blackjack also offers in-game purchases to help you boost your ranking. Players will be able to check the world real-time ranking and compete with other players to be on the top of the game.

About YJM Games

Since 2011, YJM Games has been an active participant within the games industry. It is currently preparing a line-up of VR titles spanning the most popular content distribution platforms, with the goal of introducing consumers worldwide to new VR experiences. YJM Games is a member of VRFund (Venture Reality Fund) and is looking for VR studios for potential cooperation. To learn more, visit http://yjmgames.com.

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