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Erika Lust Celebrates VR Debut With Oculus Go Giveaway

LustCinema’s creator-in-chief Erika Lust has announced the release of “360º of Lust,” her first venture into the world of “virtual reality adult cinema,” which will be released on September 26 on XConfessions.

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To celebrate the title’s release, Lust is giving away 3 Oculus Go VR headsets to watch the film in a fully immersive experience. All entrants will be able to watch “360º of Lust” for free on desktop or mobile once the winners are announced on September 30.

“Erika has always followed a different approach to adult cinema and this latest film is no exception,” said a rep. “She has used this new format, which required a very different production technique, to move away from the more standard 180º point-of-view male-dominated VR porn and transport the audience to a virtual, erotic ‘Lustworld’ that allows for more diverse sexual experiences.”

Shot with an Insta 360º Pro at 4K and fully binaural sound, “360º of Lust” puts the viewer “in control of their own narrative,” added the rep. In this immersive experience, the viewer can look around the room with a full 360º view and see different erotic situations happening simultaneously. “If the viewer chooses to stay with one narrative, they can — the others will be waiting for them next time they log in.”

“VR porn is usually recorded from the perspective of the male performer through a fish-eye lens,” explained the rep, “so this was also a different production process for the performers working on set.”

Lust collaborated with Barcelona-based Octocamvision to create this virtual experience.

“There are currently around 50 to 60 adult content studios that work with VR erotica, 3D adult experiences, live-action VR porn and have even experimented with AR, mixed reality and haptic technologies,” continued the rep. “However, their content can feel repetitive, because it is aimed primarily at heterosexual men. VR technology has been almost exclusively used to center the male point-of-view neglecting, like so much of 2D content, female desire and pleasure.”

For Lust, much of the potential of VR technology is still untapped.

“In my opinion,” said the award-winning director, “VR has failed to redefine fundamental human experiences in areas like porn by perpetuating the same of tropes of 2D. I hope with this virtual experience, the viewer will look at VR porn through a new lens and imagine the potential of VR to shape the future of erotic filmmaking with its fully-enveloping sensory capabilities.”

To enter the “360º of Lust” Oculus Go VR headsets giveaway, enter your email at the XConfessions site. Winners will be announced on September 30th, 2019

Watch “360º of Lust” starting September 26 on Erika Lust’s XConfessions.

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