Esqapes – The World’s First Virtual Reality Massage Center –
Now Open in Los Angeles 

Guests to Experience an Unparalleled Immersive Relaxation Experience!

The future of relaxation is now available in Los Angeles, as Esqapes today announced that it has opened the world’s first virtual reality massage center in the SAG-Aftra Building on Wilshire Boulevard. Esqapes combines automated massages with virtual reality to transport guests to a place of relaxation, as its propriety and exclusive virtual environments have been specifically designed to help people de-stress and leave the real word behind. In addition, guests can book appointments for Esqapes at

The Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center, located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite M111, Los Angeles, CA 90036, is like a “mini-vacation” that anyone can enjoy during a lunch break or after a long day of work, Esqapes pairs fantastic, beautifully crafted, virtual environments with a soothing massage to transport a guest’s mind and body to another place. Each Esqapes environment is designed to tantalize the senses and help guests shed the stresses of daily life. They are living breathing worlds that users will have completely to themselves.

By combining beautiful virtual reality environments, carefully curated fragrances and programmed, automated massages, Esqapes will transport guests to a state of relaxation unlike anything else. Guests will be able to enjoy a soothing massage while relaxing in a virtual setting of their choice. To heighten the experience, cool breezes will gently glide across the room carrying fragrances that complement the chosen setting.

At launch, guests will be able to choose from 10 different Esqapes ranging from a tropical Koi pond at an ocean front resort, to a luxurious cabin in a snow-covered wonderland, complete with a crackling fireplace!

“The goal of Esqapes is to provide guests with a unique way to relax and take a break from the routines, responsibilities and daily issues that can cause anxiety and stress,” said Micah Jackson, creator of Esqapes. “Esqapes is using VR in ways unlike any other company, which is to de-stress and help people relax. With a combination of proprietary software, and traditional wellness practices, Esqapes is offering the spa of the future, today!”

Esqapes provides a novel method of immersing users into a virtual environment, while ushering them into a heightened state of relaxation. Using this system taps into the key senses that people use to evaluate their surroundings (sight, sound, smell, touch) which in turn helps them to relax and feel comfortable.

About Esqapes
Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is a subsidiary of Angeles Vista Creative Ventures, LLC owned and operated by founder Micah Jackson. Micah has a long history of interactive design and innovation, with a professional career that spans nearly 20 years. Prior to starting Angeles Vista Creative Ventures, LLC (AVCV) he worked for AOL, Yahoo, Disney and in 2017 he resigned from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to pursue his new passion for virtual reality. Later that year, his first VR project ‘Where Angels Meet’ was chosen by Oculus/Facebook to receive funding as part of their prestigious Launchpad program. In 2018, he began to experiment with virtual reality experiences that transported viewers to beautiful places. As part of this experiment, he thought about ways to further immerse the viewer in these imaginative settings and Esqapes was born.

As an African-American founder, one of Micah’s goals is to become a pioneer in the VR industry and clear a path for other VR creators of color to follow. With Esqapes, one of the founding principles is to maintain a diverse staff at every location and at all times. No location should be run by people of a single gender or a singular race. We truly want all points of view to grow the business and for all guests to feel welcome.

More information is available at

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