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etee X Actronika: Launch of a New Generation VR Haptic Controller

A few months after unveiling their haptic VR vest during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Actronika returns to the forefront of the virtual reality scene. The start-up specializing in haptics (the science of touch) is teaming up with TG0, the creator of etee – the first all-finger VR controller for proximity, touch, gesture and pressure sensing. Actronika has integrated their high-definition haptics system into this new generation controller. Imagine being able to touch and feel in the real world what you see in virtual reality! This will be possible starting 2nd April 2020, when the etee controllers reach the market.

Ready-to-use haptics!
etee controllers are equipped with state-of-the-art haptic feedback, revolutionizing the virtual reality and guaranteeing complete immersion by allowing you to feel the sensation of touch in the real world.
If you are a developer on the cutting edge of haptics and user experience design and you truly want to push boundaries of haptics and interactivity beyond what is already possible, the etee development kit is providing you access to the Actronika Software Development Kit. It includes a library of high-definition haptic effects, complete with parameters that are easy to modulate and integrate. Actronika gives developers the possibility to play with haptic design methods and create their own interactions. Now you can develop your own applications with HD haptic feedback for Unity and Unreal Engine!

etee X Actronika controllers are on sale for £1500 during a one-month Kickstarter campaign launching on 2nd April 2020. The campaign is accessible via the following link: https://www.actronika.com/actronika-haptics-sdk-unitouch/

About Actronika :
Actronika is a Parisian startup founded in 2016 by Vincent Hayward, Gilles Meyer and Rafal Pijewski. We offer haptic solutions capable of producing high definition textures and effects that can be integrated in any human-machine interface.
For example, it becomes possible to feel the texture of a fabric on your smartphone screen or create 3D buttons without bulky mechanical integration. This technology can be integrated in any device: smartphones, car screens, displays, etc.
In this digital era, Actronika’s mission is to reintroduce the sense of touch and revolutionize human-machine interactions to give users natural, multi-sensory experiences.


Marina CRIFAR, Communications Manager / marina.crifar@actronika.com

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