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Eve Valkyrie: Virtual Reality Multiplayer Space Battle Gaming Overview

Eve Valkyrie vr virtual reality


Eve Valkyrie is a game changer that will soar above its competitor! Until 2014, we still have not seen any jaw dropping 3D games made specifically for virtual reality head mounted device. Well, that’s about to change with Eve Valkyrie in 2015! Eve Valkyrie is the first 100% true virtual reality game that will be available to consumer market.


It is the enhanced and upgraded version of the notorious multiplayer game platform Eve Online, a legendary game in its own right, with amazing graphics. Eve Valkyrie is its reincarnation version that’s about to change the way people look at gaming .


Eve -VR Team

Eve -VR Team ( Image Source: Oculus )


Below video is from Eve’s Iceland Fanfest 2015, it’s a whopping 1 hour and 25 minutes comprehensive Keynote Presentation from the Eve Team. As a hardcore, life-long Star War fan myself, the first three minutes’s insane graphic made me drop my jaw. And yes, even with this 2D demo.


voice of eve valkyrie katee sackhoff


Team work people !!!  Live chat is funniest part when cruising in space!

Team work people !!! Live chat is the funniest part when battling and cruising in space with your galactic team!


eve valkyrie vr gaming ar


Eve Valkyrie Official Fanpage

Check the Eve Valkyrie live in action, captured directly from a virtual reality head mounted device:



Just imagine you can be inside of this immersive intergalactic battlefield experience, battling with aliens and other forces in the universe with your teammates from around the world, discussing combat and teamwork strategies over your mic. All this can happen right in your room! My goodness, we can’t wait to get our hands on this baby!


eve valkyrie virtual 3d gaming


We predict Eve Valkyrie will be a huge hit! We believe it will not only appeal to gamer and computer savvy, because of its amazing graphic and virtual reality technology, it is going to attract non-gamers, such as people who loves sci-fi movies like Star War and Star Trek.


eve valkyrie vr poster 3d gaming


From our observation and people we spoke to, the great majority of people had heard about virtual and augmented reality here and there in recent years, however, they have no idea what and how the technology will be applied and affect their lifestyle and daily habits in the near future. But the good thing is they are curious! Eve Valkyrie will surely provoke their curiosity and tempt them to give it a try!


We don’t have the Eve Valkyrie’s exactly release date, but the game will be available on Oculus and Sony Project Morpheus platform.


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