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With the goal of raising $20,000, I-Exist will step into VR delivering the first full-length virtual reality concept album by Q4 2018

Consciousness – The worlds first VR concept album by Indianapolis two piece I-Exist will launch via Kickstarter on February 13th, 2018. The group is embracing crowdfunding to finalize completion of its new hybrid release after 3 years of writing and development.

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Aiming to raise $20,000 in 30 days to deliver the full VR album experience for all major virtual reality platforms, Consciousness promises to raise the bar even higher than current offerings. To listen to Consciousness title track, Find Dreams, click here. To watch the official Kickstarter video, click here.

Were in a pretty unique position, having taught ourselves how to code and develop for VR. While there have been some pretty cool 360 videos and music experiences, most artists have only dipped their toe in to experiment and dont have the resources to create a full production,” said member Brian Lenington.

Our albums have always had a cinematic quality and we love working with voice actors to enhance the story in combination with the lyrics.

Inspired by classic concept albums from Tool and Pink Floyd, the duo imagined themselves stepping into the album art of their favorite bands – an idea that helped drive development during its most challenging moments.

The group is also building www.VRNirvana.org, a new website geared to share tutorials, scripts, and creative ideas with other artists interested in building their own VR music experiences. Playing on the definition of nirvana – a state of heightened awareness – as well as the countless hours both members of I-Exist have spent listening to the iconic band, VRNirvana.org will be a place for open conversation with musicians and artists around the world about what might be possible with virtual reality. ### For information or questions, please contact: Brian Lenington iexistband@gmail.com 317-340-4754

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