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The Cheapest Way To Personalize Your Own Avatar With Faceshift

Who would you like to be if you can be any avatar you want? Have the facial expression that represents your facial features. Now you can with Faceshift’s virtual reality software technology. Intel invited Faceshit to build the ultimate virtual selfie experience at the Intel Developer Forum, where participants witnessed how their facial expression drive unique virtual avatars streamed wirelessly onto 16 tablets.


Soon the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera will be embedded into notebooks, PCs, and tables. This new device used alongside with Faceshift’s SDK can allow users to control game characters and virtual avatars live.



This is truly a glimpse of the future as technology prior was limited to pre-recorded content created by game and animation studios such as Sega, Disney, Dreamworks, and Nickelodeon. Faceshift’s technology will democratize facial-tracking technology. Newly onboard Creative Director at Faceshift is Nico Scapel.


Nico served as the Rigging Supervisor at Framestore, where he led the team on over twenty VFX films, including Oscar-winning film “Gravity”. Nico also served in roles at Dreamworks.



On Nov 24th 2014 in London, Wired Retail showcased new and disruptive technologies from both startups and well established electronic companies, this is where Faceshift showcased several promising cases of how retail face tracking may be applied in the sector, these include:


Avatar Branding: Avatars may represent brands as their mascot, or use avatars to represent call center service agents.

Augmented Reality: Future retailers can allow customers to see their own reflections augmented with peripheral accessories such as glasses, cosmetics, and others.

Personalized Avatars: Customers can experience controlling a branded avatar in-store, at live events or other settings.


About Faceshift:

Faceshift is an user-friendly application. The camera scans your expressions, and that data is computed to train a personal avatar. That avatar can be exported to 3D software used for gaming or other purposes. There is no need for expensive motion capture setups, all you need is a consumer depth camera and a standard computer. The supported 3D sensors are:


PrimeSense Carmine 1.09

Asus Xtion Pro Live

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

Microsoft Kinect for Windows

Ready to make your own avatar? request a 30 day trial at:



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