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Feed.fm Provides Real Music For Virtual Reality

VirZOOM, the premier virtual reality fitness company, today announced a partnership with Feed.fm to be the first VR fitness company to add real music tracks (not canned) to significantly increase user experience during VR exercise. As multiple studies have shown, music helps us workout better; beats improve pedal rhythm, music distracts from fatigue and music pumps us up. While music and exercise go hand in hand, it’s Feed.fm’s expertise in the legal, technical and curation side of music streaming that allows VirZOOM to further increase their already incredible engagement with users. VirZOOM average session times are 38.5 minutes and active users play VirZOOM 3.25 times per week!

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“When it comes to immersive and motivational virtual reality fitness, VirZOOM provides an experience like no other. By adding popular music for our customers through Feed.fm, our experiences, sounds and calorie counts will be hard to beat,” said Eric Malafeew, CTO and Co-Founder at VirZOOM. “We evaluated all music streaming partners, and only Feed.fm had what we wanted to provide to VirZOOMers.”

“VirZOOM is an exciting VR fitness company and Feed.fm is thrilled to add inspiring music to their lineup of content.” said Jeff Yasuda, CEO and co-founder of Feed.fm. “While VR is a $7 billion dollar industry, it takes gaming and technology visionaries like the folks at VirZOOM to bring VR into the mainstream arena. Providing anyone who wants a killer workout with an experience that is actually fun and motivating – that’s brilliant.”

Helping VR with Mass Adoption

Feed.fms Music-as-a-Service approach is uniquely suited for VR, fitness, wearables, apps and web applications – any brand can match their customers music desires with their own business mission.

VirZOOM recently announced a partnership with Life Fitness to bring its VR Fitness Solution to commercial health clubs. Recent installations include YMCA wellness centers in the United States and Pure Fitness in Asia with many more to come. (Watch This promotional video to see how VirZOOM is used in the gym)

About Feed.FM
Feed.fm connects brands to their customers through music. Music is proven to drive user retention, social engagement and workout motivation. Top brands like Fitbit Coach, MoveWith, ClassPass, ASICS, DailyBurn and the LA Marathon are working with Feed.fm to integrate popular music in their workout experiences. Based in San Francisco, Feed.fm is funded by Crunchfund, Core Ventures Group, KEC Ventures, and Fyrfly.


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