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Ferrari Augmented App Lets You Customize Your Ferrari

Ferrari is currently showing their new augmented reality app at showrooms in Australia and Japan. The app was designed by ZSpace with Metaio’s 3D tracking technology, which enables potential buyers to customize their favorite Ferrari in-store. The app will be showcased in the U.S. in May at San Francisco’s InsideAR.


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Ferrari is not the first auto maker to adopt virtual or augmented reality technology. Porche, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, and Land Rover have all incorporated VR technology in their production process and showroom. But the Ferrari’s app appears to have more built-in functions than the others.



The Ferrari app is now compatible with 5 of their models ( F12, Spider, 458 Speciale, FF, California) and allows potential customers to change colors, customize interior, change rim specification, etc.


augmented ferrari app color customization


The app uses tablet’s built-in camera to identify selected model the customer is interested in. There are 7 special features to choose from, such as an x-ray vision. Customers can check out the selected model in real time x-ray vision on their tablets.


When done customizing, customers can output the completed customization into a 15 second video ready to be shared via social media!


ferrari app showcase real time


Ferrari buyers could learn more about the technology, as well as aerodynamics of their favorite model, hence making a smarter buying choice.


We love this idea of car shopping. Instead the traditional way of car shopping, listening to a pitch from the car salesman, or flipping through 2D brochures, Ferrari’s augmented app offers a fantastic way to let potential buyers to interact and customize their dream Ferrari in augmented reality.



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