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Filmmaker Chris Gernon Raises Mental Health Awareness with Virtual Reality Film ‘Francis’

When we typical think of virtual reality, we often think about video games, however, filmmaker and founder/CEO of Fugitives (http://fugitives.tv) Chris Gernon takes a new approach by raising awareness issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. Chris has decided to use VR not just for entertainment purposes, but for social good. Chris is a storyteller and marketer using every medium possible as a canvas to create branded content by developing visual content for some of the world’s most influential brands. However, his passion lies in helping others by using his marketing skills to affect social change throughout the world.


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Fugitives Creative’s newest project is Francis, a Sundance Stories of Change virtual reality short documentary, sheds light on a global problem of treating mental health. It tells the story of a Ghanaian man and his journey into isolation after being locked in a hut for 2 years. The viewer is guided through Francis’s story by his first-hand account of his experience. The film shows that Francis, like so many who suffer from mental illness around the world, are valuable members of society who can lead full, productive lives if they receive mental health treatment. The goal of the film is to help move mental health out of the shadows.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of Francis: http://fugitiveseditorial.com/the-making-of-francis-a-vr-film/

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