Fisk University Partners with T-Mobile, HTC Vive, and VictoryXR to Revolutionize Future of Education

Virtual reality application extends well beyond gaming and entertainment, with limitless everyday applications waiting to be discovered. Recently, VR startups such as Virti with a focus in medical training applications have been successful at raising investments to progress their developments. 

The latest partnership between Fisk University, T-Mobile, HTC VIVE and VictoryXR sets an example of how virtual reality could revolutionize the future of education.  The university is partnering with T-Mobile, HTC VIVE and VictoryXR to help produce the first 5G virtual reality human cadaver labs, with a goal to allow medical students to not have to rely on universities and advanced anatomy classes. 

Fisk University sees virtual reality as an innovative and cost-effective way to train pre-med and biology students.

“We’re combining the best aspects of virtual and in-person learning, and this is the future of education,” said Dr. Vann Newkirk, President, Fisk University. “Fisk University is emerging as a tech leader among colleges, and our effort to bring a virtual reality cadaver lab to campus exemplifies our commitment to provide students with a state-of-the-art education.”

Virtual reality allows teachers and students to work together in a way that has never bee possible in physical reality. 

Inside the lab, students will examine the internal organs of various human systems, and the professor can even remove the organs from the body and pass them around for students to hold and open. Students will have the ability to enlarge the organ to a size large enough where they can even step inside to better learn how it works. In addition to organ systems, the cadavers will also include complete skeletal and muscle structures.

Dr. Shirley Brown, Dean of Fisk University says

“Virtual reality technology takes our university to a level equal to the most advanced schools in the country.”

This is just the one example of what is possible with the burgeoning tech.

Author: VR Reporter

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